Sunday, December 21, 2008


I was trying to remove the links I have here since they no longer apply. But I can't figure out how to do it. Oh Well, I will have to post a lot more so they will disappear into the nether land.
Speaking of the nether land that would be a cool place to set a story. I will have to think on that.
I really do need to do more with my blog. I've been doing my facebook which I really like and myspace which is cool. So many places to go and write. I should just be writing my story. I decided to take a break over the holidays and resume it on 1/1 or 1/2 depends on whether Ray is working or not.
Ray is on vacation this past week and the coming week. Its been nice having him home. There is so much we have to do yet though. I told Ray that tomorrow we will finish the downstairs bathroom. We have family coming on the 28th and I want everything to look good. I will just have to bug everyone here to do what they have to do.
I would say that most of my shopping is done. I really can't think of anything else I have to buy. Unless I can figure something out to surprise my hubby with. I can't think of anything that would though. I need to start wrapping the presents, that should be fun.
We are going to have turkey for dinner on Xmas. I guess I will make my usual for Xmas Eve. I think I will do a ham for New Years.
New Years will be quiet as usual. Ray will be working.
I will be working on my book and then on 1/10 I will be going to my writers meeting. We are supposed to have a psychic intuitive that day. I wonder if it is anyone I know. That would be funny. We could do a seance together that would scare the poop out of everyone.
There is so much to do really.
I'm hoping that I can go to the Romantic Times Convention in April. Its in Orlando and it should be a gas. But its also a lot of money. The convention, the hotel and air fare. Probably 1K or more. It's a lot of money. I want to, I am going to the RWA Convention in July in DC that I can drive to or I can take a short flight and maybe Ray can drive down and we can do all the things I've always wanted to but didn't get the chance. It will be great.
We are having a big snow blast here. Snow on Friday and then again on Sunday. I hope there is no more.
One of Ray's aunts passed away and there was a mass for her on Sat. We were going to go but the snow blower decided not to work that well and Ray had a Dr.'s appointment at 11:45 and that was a visit he had to go to. So no service. I think she was at my mother-in-laws, as a matter of fact its her sister that passed. I feel bad. But I know that she is in a way better place. I remember my mother-in-law saying that her sister was not that well. Its a shame.
I put up my Christmas town this year. I opened boxes of houses that I didn't even know I had. It was great. I have a downtown and the village in the living room on a huge board that is a top two card tables, spread out. Then the rest of the village is in the dining room. There is a boat and the seafarers restaurant, an ice skating rink and a couple of more shops. Also in the dining room is Santa's town. The house is decorated. Which really surprises me I didn't think I would get it done. I told Ray that the town is staying up because its to much to put away. That I also need a bigger board so everything fits. I will need to get something new for the town. I bought something new every year whether the town went up or not. So I will be on the hunt for something new. Its good to buy something now because its all half off. Cool Beans. I guess that is to old to use anymore. I don't know what the new word of the day is. So cool bean it is.
I have to get rid of that stuff on this site. I wish I could just delete it, but that would be to easy.
So Monday is finish the bathroom day. Tuesday; Dr. then maybe some shopping and then get my hair cut. Come home. Wednesday is Xmas eve so home and chilling then the big day for the jolly little fat man. It doesn't get any better than this.
That should be enough for now. At least I hope so. I really do want those things gone.
Oh, one other thing I miss my Dad, Mom and sister. I don't think anyone can understand how I feel unless they lost their whole family like I did. I saved that till the last. You never know who may read this and what stupid ideas they may have. I wouldn't be surprised though if someone came up with some bullshit. Not going to worry about it. I don't care.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I wanted to write something today so here I am. I have to clean up the first three chapters of my book to bring to my meeting next week. See what they all think.
I hope everyone had a great Holiday. Still doing the Turkey? I'm not, the joy of eating out;no leftovers and no cleanup. Had a very nice time.
I will be cooking for Christmas and of course Christmas Eve. I guess we all have to eat. LOL
I'm really excited about my book. Typing till three in the morning though is not the way to do it. I have to go to the office as if I was going to work. Actually I am going to work so I just hide and hopefully no one bothers me.
Really tired.
Going to bed after I feed the cats.