Sunday, December 30, 2012

Waiting for Spring

Waiting For Spring

A little something I wrote years ago:
Though winter has only just begun, I am already longing for time of year when trees bud and flowers bloom.
Ah sweet spring, how I long for you to begin. The green carpet of grass under my feet, soft and warm. A new beginning for all living things. With the event of spring other magical happenings take place. What, you ask? Why, what every red blooded boy and girl, man and woman looks forward to the hunting, oops sorry, of  The “Mating Season”
Eyes meet across a crowded room with that come hither look, a smile, a nod and then…what?! I don’t remember!What does happen next? Its been so long since I’ve been out in that jungle, that I wouldn’t know the mating call if it hit me on the head.
I think to myself, is that guy with his shirt open to navel, gold chains  tangled in his hairy chest winking at me, or does he just have something in his eye. I hope its the latter. The fellow who is swaying to the music the DJ is playing, inviting me to join him in the dance, or is he asking my friend Bob? Maybe he is just rutting and marking his territory for all to see with an open invitation for whoever.
To catch that certain someone we strive to make ourselves more attractive by wearing the right make-up, clothes, have the perfect hair style, go to the gym, and diet that goes for men and women, make-up not excluded for men. Then to garner more attention, we improve our minds by keeping up with current events and reading the latest best sellers.
At least some people who are looking for that certain someone will attempt to keep themselves abreast of the times and not just baseball scores. We go to the hottest clubs, social events, gyms and even church with the best we have and high hopes.
And for what? You catch the eye of that good looking hunk or allow him to catch yours; he speaks, you realize he is short about 3 brain cells. What a waste of time and effort. Or is it? Men and women should be able to meet on a honest common ground, without all the trappings.
Then again, half the fun is getting to look your best and delving into the mystery that is called the” Mating Game."

How do you like it?

I wrote this in 1996 for my creative writing class.

Where have I been?

I haven't blogged since August. Shame on me. The only thing I can say is that I had a couple of surgeries and they kind of knocked me out. I was going to do so much writing while in a leg cast. Not a word did I write. So now I have a new plan to get me back to what I should be doing. I should be writing.
My husband is working full time. Poor guy retirement is not all its cracked up to be. He's working evening shift so I will write from 3 PM til 8 PM. I can start earlier and end later but this is a plan. I've cleaned out my office finally. Everything that didn't have a place was in my office. Don't tell anyone but now its in the guest room.  Bad me.

I've changed my WIP a little Brenna will not have been married before and I was thinking that she has won the lottery, the power ball. So she is loaded. What fun. Now, how should I have her spend some of that money. Any Ideas?

DH went to the NY house and took some of the stuff that was still there. Having many problems with the tenants. Hopefully they have moved out. DH said no one was there when he went to the house.  No one is answering the phone so I'm hoping there gone. They have had a free ride for the last three-four month. But enough of that.

I will try and blog more. At least once a week. Hopefully.