Friday, December 23, 2011

Finished Shopping, I think. Merry Christmas all

Happy Holiday and all that good stuff. I hope u all enjoy and get whatever you asked for, dreamed about and in case of kids, begged.

The good news is my hand is much better. Reddness is gone and there is  no pain.  Taking my meds like I am supposed to.

Finished up my shopping for Christmas. Just have to wrap what I bought and put it under the tree. Then have to buy some wine. One for my cousins husband and one to bring to dinner.

The under the tree looks kind of bear compared to last year. We were very good to each other. This year we kept it small. I mean really I can't think of a thing that we need so we bought each other stuff we think the other wants.
I got my new computer so I am happy. Ray gets a new Nook tablet and I inherit his nook. No complaints from me about that. I think we did movies books and stuff like that.  Its going to great.

Haven't done any writing so far. But come Monday I have to hit the pc and get to work.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What the Doctor told me.

Went to the Doctor and he was not pleased with me. I should have come in yesterday. So I got a shot in the left hip and a tetanus shot in my left arm. I am not happy, forget the Dr. I have to take antibiotics for 14 days.  He says that he is trying to keep me out of the hospital which is a very good thing to me. Been there and done that. Big scar left forearm. Two scars as a matter of fact. My hand is really infected and if it gets worse to the ER I must go.  The good thing is that it is not hurting like it was yesterday. So far no pain med which is just as well. I itch with codeine and if on an empty stomache I toss my cookies. So I am happy that I don't need them.

Have to clean the house and stuff so hoepfully I will be able to use my hand tomorrow.  George. my doctor, says the swelling should go down hopefully tomorrow. I hope it does.

Our other three cats are very quiet tonight. They really did not interact that much unless they were all eating at the same time. So I don't know if the realize Meowie is gone. We are going to miss her.

Time for x-factor so I shall say good night.

 For tomorrow cleaning, wash and finish up the 20K words I said I would write by Jan. 7th. 10K more to go. Actually more because my Protag Brenna demanded to be younger.
Good Night All

My poor Meowie & Xmas is coming.

My calico cat Meowie, passed away last night. She fought the good fight for 16 months against liver failure. She was such a good cat. Ray and I will miss her very much. We buried her today in the backyard. She will be waiting at the rainbow bridge for me.

Christmas is only a few days away. Ray has to work 4-12 so its going to be very quiet here. I may go to friends Christmas Eve for dinner or to my cousins. Don't know which one yet.
No snow which I like. Don't need snow to make it Christmas for me.

My laptop got this rotten virus the Win 7 Internet Security. We bought me a new laptop and I am having the old one cleaned. I have to have my research or hours and hours are wasted. I don't want to have to look everything up again. Plus I have workshops on there that I have taken in the last two years.

It could be worse, I guess.  So I should be thankful for what I do have.

Will start working on my book again as soon as I see the Dr. about the infection I have in my right thumb which is spreading across my hand.
When I got up to go void, Meowie was at the end of the bed, Scully in the middle. I didn't know that Meowie was there. It was 5:30 am. She started to fall off the end of the bed and I tried to grab her so she wouldn't fall, she bit my thumb. Its really infected now and I have to see the Doc this afternoon.
So I will get ready and go.
Till later blogettes

Monday, December 12, 2011

What can I say...Toshiba or HP

Here I sit with fat cat complaining that I don't have a comfortable lap at the moment. Too bad for Sammie aka Fat Cat.
I am bummed my big laptop got hit with a really rotten virus. Why people do this crap is  beyond me. They can't see the results of their "work". Now I have to get a new one. Right now I am using my netbook.  The netbook is great when I am out and about or at the chapter meetings but for every day use not that great.  So this will be a little short. 
My main character wants to be younger. Who am I to argue. I will rewrite. I have about 10K so its not bad.
I am going to try and remember what it felt to be 18 without all the angst. LOL

The Holidays are upon us. Our tree is up, the town is up. Bought two new pieces for it.  I will do pictures and try to get them on the blog.  Mr. and Mrs. Claus are on the front porch, with three trees with lights. So cute. To bad we are on a dead end.  But hey we like it.

OK on to the new laptop. I really don't like HP. I had so many problems with the last one I owned that I never want another one. I told Santa (husband) that I wanted a fast one. An i7 at least. I don't know if they go higher. I want a 17.3 in size  6-8 gigs of memory and of course a large hard drive. Best Buy has a Toshiba  and an HP  pretty much the same though the Toshiba seems to bee better on paper. Does anyone have an opinon? It would really help me. Thanks
I think this is it for the night. Husband is making dessert. I love peaches, little cakes and lots of whop cream.
Night all

Monday, December 5, 2011

Good Times, Bad Times

Saturday was the chapter Xmas party. I had fun. It was my first Xmas with the chapter. I didn't make last years, either the weather was bad, I got lost or my back was bad or maybe it was all three. LOL
So that is my good news. Now for the bad; my laptop got infected with a worm. I am so not happy. The bad thing I was on AOL and up pops this Win 7 Internett Security thingy. Virus' all over the place.  win 7 wants money to use their antivirus. Its bad. I looked them up and people fwho bought the service had nothing but complaints. Pay some amount of money and it will take care of everything. Meanwhile I ran McAfee and McAfee says everything is fine. So I called AOL; they can fix it or t least give me the means to do so. Bad thing I had already signed out of AOL and it wouldn't let me go back on. So then AOL person tells me that she will me to a specialist who will be able to remotely fix my laptop For $130.00.  I said no thank you. I am getting a new laptop for Xmas. I will save my money for ink.
I am going to have to print out a lot of stuff. I am afraid to do any transfers and infect my netbook. Which is what I am using right now.  A friend sent me smething to get rid of the worm or at least the first step. I have to get the rest from someone else. What a bother.
I dragged out my old 15 inch to use, that was pretty horrible. It was so slow and it was freezing every two seconds. I went back to my netbook.  My tale of woe.
I told my husband that my next laptop should have the speed of i7.  I think its the fastest but you know that as soon as he buys it for me something faster will come out.
Its after midnight so I am going to bed. Try to get some room between the husband and two of the cats. No wonder I don't sleep well. LOL
Good Night Dear Reader.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December The Holiday Month

Its a cold day in NC, 28 degrees.  Its going to get warmer though, in the 50's. That's it for the weather report.

Just received a new book from Rosemary Harris. She sent books to everyone who asked. Its called Dead Head. When I am done I will do a review.
Look back a few days and there is another review of a books by Misty Evans. I really liked it.

Was out hunting for a new laptop yesterday. It will be my Xmas present from hubby. I picked out a Toshiba, 17" speed at i7. Very fast, which is what I want. My Dell has gotten so slow and I can't open half the things I want to. I am going to get this cleaned out, its always good to have a back-up.
What kind of laptop or PC do you think is best?  I would love to read some answers. It would help in my search if there is something better out there.

My NaNo book protag has decided to be a bit younger than I planned. She doesn't want to be in her 30's or 20's, she wants to be a teen.  So I am rewriting her and the story.  You just can't fight the character. I realized that I was writing in a younger voice and by the time I hit chapter three it was really evident. So Brenna will be 17 or 18 yrs. of age. Working in her parents store. She will not be the oldest now. Her brother Ben was the youngest I think now she needs to be either the youngest or next to the youngest.
For me, this is the first time that a character went against what I wanted her to be.  I will start the rewrite tomorrow. Ray will be working and I will have the house to myself. I like that. I can go to my office and close the door and be alone but I really like being the only one home when I am writing. Its a silly thing. I will get over it.

Thanks for joining my blog.  I hope you find it interesting and maybe leave some replies.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Night

Here I sit, hoping someone would join my blog. Its not all that bad. Joining it I mean. Where are my facebook buddies? Hopefully someone will check it out.

I did very badly on my novel for nano. 9k is all I got done. My worst year yet.  I have my story line though and I know where I am going with the book so at least that is something. Hey I still have until Wednesday maybe I could write 41K by then. If the mood  hits me. I mean who needs sleep. I think it will be a good story. I need to get a couple readers. I have one already and then I need someone to tell me what is wrong with it. I mean no one writes anything perfect the first time, do they?

I've had this dream for so long now. I think I am afraid that if I finish one and its horrible I will be so sad, crushed won't know what to do with myself.  Nah, I will just write another one.  I do great with the story lines and first chapters are easy. Get me beyond that and I kind of fall apart. I'm at the third chapter now and I am at a stand still.
I'm smoking again and I don't know why. They taste horrible.  The smell is bad and well at least they are not 10 bucks like in NY. Here cigs are less than $4.00 But enough of that.

I need readers  I think it would be good if I write a little something about my book or maybe another short.

I will do more reviews. I am starting to feel more comfortable with them. So that is something I am going to be doing.

Thanksgiving was very quiet with just Ray and I. Of course the animals did get a taste of turkey.  The bird came out good and thank good I bought gravy because like the first time I made it there was a hole in the pain.  Boy that first year was something else. Mom and Dad, Ray's Mom and Brother Matt, Patrick and  us, we, I don't know which to use. Anyway Mom saved the gravy, Mary made the best mashed potatoes, I couldn't find a lump anywhere. It was a really nice Thanksgiving. I miss all of them. Matt is married now with 3 kids Patrick is in NY and Mom, Dad and Mom in law are all gone.
I do get a little down on the holidays, My family are all gone. Ray still has all six brothers but no one is close. We all live such different lives and none of us live near each other so it makes it hard. But enough about that,

So I will do some more writing and who knows I may still make it.

Oh right now I am reading The Secret Life of Bees. Its good.  It was recommended by the librarian at my library. Its really a nice library. We were talking about The Help which was so good. Movie and book.  Anyway I am also watching netflix which is pretty cool. I'm finding some of the English mysteries that I really like.
So enough for tonight.
Get yourself a good book or watch a Christmas movie on Hallmark or another channel and just have a nice evening. I am going too. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Review of Revenge is Sweet

Kali Sweet is a vengeance demon who works for the World Justice Department. She saves humans from other supernaturals. Kali is wanted by the Prince of Vampires, to be queen of Chicago. a surfer dude vamp who wants her dead, by Lilith the Mother of all demons, and an old lover, who left her at the church centuries ago who's now blood bonded to her along with a shape shifter and the witch who raised Lilith from hell.
I loved this book and can't wait for the next one. The writing is crisp, the characters are great and the story is smooth.

I'm going to go and read her witch series now.  Can't wait.

Friday, November 11, 2011

More NaNo & other things

This is the 11th day and I am so far behind but I will catch up. I am determined to finish this year. I also want more followers. I am going to do a review of a new book. Will put here and at good reads.
So my book is about a witch who gets a concussion and becomes psychic. She has these two guides who are driving her crazy. Murder and mayhem abounds.  At least this year I have an idea of what I am writing. Usually I just wing it.
Enough for tonight. Hand is getting better. Still have pain but hopefully it will go away.
Good night

Thursday, November 3, 2011

There it is my NaNo badge.  Going to spend the rest of the evening writing and yelling at the dogs. My cats are so good compared to them.
Everybody Write@!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I didn't win any of the contests bummer!

As usual I am not a winner. Well I am, just not in any of the contest I put my name into. But hey I was able to get Ashlyn Chases book for $.99. So that was cool.
Its cold this morning got the fire going. I like my freestanding fireplace. Its runs on gas not logs and that is alright.
Second day of NaNo, I have more research to do. I also have to do a reading for one of my characters. That should be fun.
As usual I've changed the story. forget I started an outline of what I wanted in the book. Its all brand new.
So  housework first, and have to do wash. Have two Dr.s appointments today. I had one yesterday but  he was going to be late so reschedule it.
What kind of crimes would a demon do and for what reason? Thats my big question of the day. Would a demon want money? Why would  he want money? Is  it hungry and has come in to my world to eat? How would a demon kill someone? What kind of clues would it leave? I am thinking of ways of killing off this world or at least partly and doing my own world which is pretty much devastated. The way we live has taken its toll on the world and now we have to live with the knowledge that we could have and should have changed the way we lived. Too late now. No more cars, ran out of gas. No more flying, too dangerous and again no gas. Manhattan is under water, its gone Statan Island,  Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island are just little islands. The east and west coast have sustained so much damage. California of course is gone. Electricity; some have and some don't.  Not that many people left who know how to do things and to fix things. But this story is not going to be about the states, its going to be about one state, New York. Supernaturals, demons, and humans are what is left in this world of my imagination. 
So I have more research to do like I said and I better get with it.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

So Many Contests

The contests for Halloween are great this year. Sam Cheevers plus 12 other authors, its taking a stroll down the street. Spooktaclular blog hog, 400 authors and readers The list is on my site. Just scroll down.  And other authors and readers are doing their own contests.

I don't understand my laptop. The pointer jumps and I end up writing in another sentence or everything just disappears. So I am not going to drive myself crazy by con't to write. I mean really who cares.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Good Witch

Having a fun time watching the Good Witch movies on Hallmark. DH is working on his fourth dragon puzzle
Still gearing up for NaNo. Received two new books for research.  I might be able to find a demon or two to fit in my novel. enjoy As for my outline, well I got the first and second chapters mapped out somewhat, at least I know where I am going with it for a little while. Tomorrow I am going to get caught up oh housework  and the wash. So that at 12:01am 11/1/11 I can start. I am going to try and write something everyday on my blog.
Hopefully whoever does read this will enjoy it.
So Goodnight for now.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


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How to do up my blog to make it look great

So I don't know what I can do with my blog. I want to make it look interesting and hopefully that I write interesting stuff. So If someone wants to take pity on me and show me what to do. That would be great. In the meantime I am going to limp along and keep trying to make it good.                                 

Hello and Welcome New Readers

Thanks for stopping by and being interested in what is going on in my blog. I promise to write more interesting stuff. At least I will try too.
The house is a bit of a mess because  we converted one of the bedrooms to my office and about time too.  We really didn't need two guest rooms.  The "Guy" is coming to looking at our free standing fireplace in the living room and there is a little one in the bedroom. so have to make neat.
Just a thought we have to lab mix puppies, about 14 weeks old a boy and a girl siblings we are fostering them for the local shelter. Anyone want a dog?

I haven't done my outline yet and I have to do. I am afraid I'm going to get lost and not finish if I don't. Problem is I usually don't do outlines. First time for everything I guess. Short stories are so much easier. But I want to write full length novels. Fun novels, paranormal mystery romance novels.
I just finished a workshop with Deborah Blake, Beyond Fangs and last year I took her workshop on witches in books. Much fun was had. I don't think I contributed anything to the witch class but I did work and do my homework with Beyond fangs. I am not that big into Vampires, don't get me wrong there are some that I would love to meet. Angel, maybe Spike, if no biting, the Dracula who was in an episode of Buffy and I can't think of anyone else. I look at the vampires in love stories and if you want this love to go on then he or she has  to turn you or what good is it. You die and they have a broken heart. Not really fair to my thinking. I know many people love the vampires stories. I usually say that they are cold, hard, and dead.  In most books they can't go into the sunlight. Oh, wait, I almost forgot True Blood. How good I do that. the books are fun but I really like the series on HBO more. A lot of eye candy, which is always nice.  the Swede is one nice looking guy. Hmmm my great grandparents were from Sweden. I wonder, no I doubt we are related. though my great grandfather Thor, that was his name, really, was the only one to come to America, the rest of his siblings and family stayed in Sweden. I know I have cousins. I've never met them. My Swedish American cousins have. They've been to Sweden and saw Per, one of the cousins,  here in the States when he flew in for business.  But I digress.

So my protagonist is a witch, hereditary she has a car accident and gets a concussion which brings out her dormant psychic abilities. What fun. Her guides have a lot of fun with her. Her best friend is a little bit of a flake and the hero, I haven't decided what he is yet. A cop, the falsely accused murderer, another best friend that she never thought of like that. I don't know.
It will come to me. I am going to work on it today. Housework is done. Yea me! Just have to do some wash. pooh.
Catch you all later.

Monday, October 24, 2011

About Rachel Brooks

Rachel Brooks Writes

Spookacular Blog Hop

If the site is in black then just copy and past please.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Almost to Nov. & you know what that means

I'm getting ready for nano. This year I am going to do it. I'm not going away, staying home and writing. Which is a little different for me. I usually go and see the mouse in Orlando with my cousin T. I always meant to write when I'm in fl. but I never do enough. So this year I have to.
Lets see hand still hurts. But I don't think there is anything I can do, just has to heal.
Its raining and all the dogs and cats are in. We are fostering two puppies. They are so cute but so bold. I'm hoping they find their forever home very soon. Between the cats and our dog, well enough is enough, though we are glad to help and it gives our dog someone to play with. Its all good.
Not much else to tell you. I am doing a class with Deb Blake, she is great. Beyond Fangs its called. I am not a big vampire reader. All I can think to myself is that they are cold and hard and not just hard in the right places and if they are hungry, look out. They are not romantic  to me. But, again, I've read some that were very good. But I will stick to Humans, shapeshifters and demons.  Vampire, demon not much of a difference, they will both eat you.

On to my homework. Hopefully I will write again soon. I really need to get people here but don't know how to do it. Ah well I will learn.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Three weeks post-op and my hand still hurts. My husband says that I have been using it to much. Which of course I have but what else can you do. Typing is not a problem so that is good. Its everything else. driving, cutting meat, stuff like that. But it will heal, oh yes about healing, Took the stitches out on Friday and it opened  right up. So instead of having a nice thin scar I will have a one that is a little wide.  Hey what else  is new but no one will really notice it so I am not going to worry about it.
Taking an online class with Deborah Blake called Beyond Fangs. I'm looking for ideas on different types of paranormal charaters.
I am also thinking of trying my hand at Young Adult.
I need to finish the book I've been writing for the last couple of years. 
That is enough for now. I am behind in my writing and in my reading. I should not buy anymore books but I can't help it. I have to buy from my favorite authers.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

After surgery

Well went to the Doctors today and had the stitches out. Not to bad. My wrist hurts but it will heal I am sure.  I asked the doctor about my left hand, showed him where it hurt and lucky me got a shot at the base of my left thumb. It was the one place I never had shots in.

I have an injury dating back to October 1983. I cut my hand at work. Now I saw the cut once. I did not see blood pumping out as a co-worker told me and I did not see bone, then again I  only looked once and that was enough for me.  I was working at Albany Medical Center at the time. So down to the ER I go and everyone had to come in to see what Jo Anne did to herself.

I told them to just stitch me up and I would head home.  Silly me, the resident asked me to move my thumb, I couldn’t.

So to surgery I went.  The plastic surgeon got there around 7:00 pm. The anesthesiology wanted to put me to sleep. Now I am bad, I knew him. I said, hell no, you’re not going to kill me. I have a lot of faith in my doctors. Can you tell.

So I got a regional, needles in the underarm. I should have let him put me to sleep.  Anyway on the way to the OR I had to void. Stick an IV in me and I void, a lot. Not happy with me but oh well, I had to go.

OK I am in and they start the surgery. A resident was present and I think he did some of the work. I hear the Doctor say that I had the tendons of a five year old. I said, I have small hands.  He said that it didn’t matter. A little while later I hear him tell the resident “Look she has an extra Tendon.” I said “That’s because they are so small.”  Doctor just looked at me and went back to work.

After surgery they were wheeling me into recovery doctor asked if he could call someone. Now its midnight so I say” no” and he says “Isn’t there anyone I can call?” Well, you could call my mother. That made him happy. I started thinking of what I already told my Mom. First phone; Mom I cut myself and I am going to get some stitches and then I will be home. Second phone call; Hey Mom I did a little more damage than I thought but I will be home tonight. Third phone call;  Mom listen they have to operate and I have to stay over so I will be home tomorrow. Now Mom kept asking me if I wanted them to come to the hospital, I kept saying “No, I’m fine. Everything is fine.”

Get up to my room and some of my friends are there waiting for me. Make sure I was all right.  They let me get settled while they went to get me something to eat. They hung my arm up but it wasn’t to stable. As I tried to make myself more comfortable my arm swung around and hit me in the chin. I almost knocked myself . I had to laugh.

He did a wonderful job.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Had surgery on Tuesday for carpel tunnel on my right hand.  Its hurting a bit. Which should say to me "Stop Typing".
I will, just wanted to check in. Nothing much going on. Just need to take care of the pain, get some sleep and feel better.
That's all for now.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm taking a couple of classes on line this month,  writing YA and whether a series is for me.

I'm really interested in the YA because after reading Harry Potter, Twilight, and the Hunger games, I thought to myself if this is young adult than I want to try and write one.  As for the series I've always known that I wanted to do a series. I love reading them, except when they go on and on and on. Example I am reading the newest two books from Terry Brooks. I love Shannara and I adored The Word and The Void. I guess the last five I read were great but I do take time out and then can pig out with more than one book at a time.
I'm trying to remember a series I was reading and I thought it would never end and I don't think it has yet. that one just got to be too much.
I love reading the paranormal series and look forward every year to new ones.

Oh, Football is starting so I have to go.

Later, All

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blog Address

If I knew it than I could pass it on to other writers, friends and anyone who would be interested. Unfortunately I really am not sure what it is. I need to get someone to help me with that. I would probably blog a lot more.

So let me yell it out; I Need Help.

If I didn't write anything in my book than I better blog.

You do need to write everyday. Doesn't matter what. Just do it.  I've been doing more research which is good. I've gone up with a couple of more ideas for future books which is great. But I have to tie myself down and write.
I have a goal this month 2000 words before the next chapter meeting. So of course this week I will be writing. I have a start thanks goodness. I think its a good story, actually it will be a great story.

Anna Campbell has been so supported to me. I found out about the RWA and the chapters, all by writing a little blurb for a contest that Anna was running. She really liked it, strange I didn't win. LOL She was just so helpful.  I hope one day to meet her and thank her in person for the great advice she gave me.

I also want to go to a conference. I joined the  Capital Region Chapter in NY, Albany. The first time I met everyone was at the workshop with Diana Love and Sherilyn Kenyon. It was fab. Both ladies were so funny and shared their knowledge with us. The following year I got really involved and did the PR work for the conference. It was great and time consuming but well worth it.  Angela Knight and Annette Blair were the authors du jour. They were great. So generous with their time and again, like the year before, with their knowledge.

I find that authors are more than willing to share, to help you and cheer you on in your writing endeavor. I look forward to going to a conference, hopefully RWA Nationals. This year it was in NY. Of course it was. I moved to North Carolina. The year before it was supposed to be in Nashville. I was all set to go for the day with my cousin. There was flooding and they moved Nationals to Orlando, The Swan and Dolphin, hotels owned by Disney.  I would love to go the Georgia conference Moonlight and Magnolias, a lost of my chapter mates are going. I need to find out if someone needs a room mate. Maybe I could go. I would love it.

Enough for tonight, getting tired and I really wanted to read some more.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where do ideas come from?

Ideas for stories come from all over the place. From your life, family life or friends life.  You can hear a remark in a restaurant and spin a 90K book about of it.  You can stare up at the sky and make stories up about the cloud formations. Everything is grist for the mill.
That being said I can't get my storyline to go forward. Its a pain. I think my big problem is that I don't set a time and tell everyone that this is my writing time. Don't call, don't ask me any questions, make like I don't exist. Maybe then I can settle down and write.
I have research to do and have already done some. Well, I bought books so I can read up on it.
Sometimes I feel like I am brain dead. I can't get an idea to save my life.  I've started about six or seven books, have 36K words on one but I don't like it. 

What it comes down to is I want a new idea something no one else has thought of. But that is not going to happen. All I can do is make my story better.  There are only so many scenarios to be had.  I could make up a new demon, a new kind of hero or a strange planet.
I think too, even though we have been here for a year now, we are still not all the way moved in. There are boxes that still need to be unloaded, have to paint the bedrooms, have the floors redone and finish the kitchen. Have to get the back-splash up and paint the cabinets.
The house in Gloversville is going up for sale, finally. My step-son says he is going to room with a friend of his. He thinks he will move in Oct. I don't know if we will continue to rent. Three of his buddies are living there now.
So many things to do and think about.
So, once upon a time there was a demon killer, a demon and a girl. Wow there I go heres a new story. LOL
Anyway need to get some stuff done. So I am almost gone.  Now I am gone.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A little something I wrote years ago:
Though winter has only just begun, I am already longing for time of year when trees bud and flowers bloom.
Ah sweet spring, how I long for you to begin. The green carpet of grass under my feet, soft and warm. A new beginning for all living things. With the event of spring other magical happenings take place. What you ask? Why, what every red blooded boy and girl, man and woman looks forward to the hunting, oops sorry, of The “Mating Season”
Eyes meet across a crowded room with that come hither look, a smile, a nod and then…what?! I don’t remember!What does happen next? Its been so long since I’ve been out in that jungle, that I wouldn’t know the mating call if it hit me on the head.
I think to myself, is that guy with his shirt open to navel, gold chains tangled in his hairy chest winking at me, or does he just have something in his eye. I hope its the latter. The fellow who is swaying to the music the DJ is playing, inviting me to join him in the dance, or is he asking my friend Bob? Maybe he is just rutting and marking his territory for all to see with an open invitation for whoever.
To catch that certain someone we strive to make ourselves more attractive by wearing the right make-up, clothes, have the perfect hair style, go to the gym, and diet that goes for men and women, make-up not excluded for men. Then to garner more attention, we improve our minds by keeping up with current events and reading the latest best sellers.
At least some people who are looking for that certain someone will attempt to keep themselves abreast of the times and not just baseball scores. We go to the hottest clubs, social events, gyms and even church with the best we have and big hopes.
And for what? You catch the eye of that good looking hunk or allow him to catch yours; he speaks, you realize he is short about 3 brain cells. What a waste of time and effort. Or is it? Men and women should be able to meet on a honest common ground, without all the trappings.
Then again, half the fun is getting to look your best and delving into the mystery that is called the” Mating Game.’”
How do you like it?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Got to get busy

I really need to keep up on blogging. Its good, you need to write everyday and this helps.

I've joined some writers sites on Linkedin. I think it will be a great help. I really need to get a schedule going.  Sometimes its a little hard with my husband home.
Ah retirement. Not all its cracked up to be. LOL Actually its not bad but we are going to movies instead of me writing. Have to stop that. We saw the Ape movie and Cowboys and Alien. Both were fun. I enjoyed them. Went to see The Help on Thursday with my cousin. The movie was great.  I can't wait to read the book.  What people went through in the 60's-70's in the deep south. I am so happy that I was born in NY. I take it all with a grain of salt.

I am dieting. I stopped smoking and gained. So bad of me. Now I am not smoking and I am hungry.  Doing a meal plan. Its OK Husband lost 25 lbs in the first month when he did, then had a gastric bypass. He looks great and feels good except for his back.  Dr. ordered a MRI and insurance said no. X-rays first. What a waste, all an x-ray is going to tell you is that your back is not broken or maybe it is for some people. I fractured my back in two places. I just add it to the pain I already have.
But my poor hubby, now I understand why he hasn't gone to join any bowling leagues. he hurts. he just had a hernia repair doing good with that. Hopefully our new Doctor can help. We got away form the PA from Hell. That's all I am going to say.
I have to have another neural conduction test. Whoopee, stick those needles in. Have no idea where the first test is.
I love North Carolina but there medical things are a little different from NY which of course doesn't surprise me. But its a lot stranger. I guess they have a bad drug problem here. I can't imagine that NY is not worse.  I have to tell that I got a bill for $1,500.00 for a urine test to make sure that I was taking only my meds and not abusing them. I told the lab. I am not paying that. go back to the pain clinic, oh wait they can't they closed down and didn't send my reports to the PA from Hell.  Its been fun. OK enough of my venting.
Its been a slow day. On facebook most of the afternoon. I need to get off there and back to writing.
Its the game Garden in Time. DH got me playing it. Have to dedicate time to socializing but need to write too and take care of the cats and dog and the house. Hmmm to much, I think I will stop cleaning the house and doing the wash and oh wait DH does a lot of the food shopping, I really dislike it, And he does the cooking. Poor guy is working to pay off my medical bills, Dr's, xrays and what have you.
Its almost 5 PM so I think I will get off for now and, yes I need to relax and enjoy tonight.
We should all be relaxed and enjoy the life that we have.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

And again I haven't been blogging and I should.

Christine that is a great idea for a story. I know I would read it. so go for it. 

I wish that I knew more about getting my blog out there. I'm not even sure what the address for this is and that is what I think I need. That's why I don't blog like I think I should. I need to investigate the hows of getting my blog out.

My writing has been sporadic for the most part. I keep changing the story. I think I have decided what I want to  
write. Started my bible because I would like to make this a series. We shall see how that goes.

Its been very warm in my part of NC and I am sure its been that way all over. Thank God we have a pool. Not that I go in that much but it does help.

The husband is going for surgery tomorrow for a hernia. He had to lift our dog into the truck. Kirby the dog is a mastif mix. I say pit ball husband says no, Kirby's face is to long. Kirby is afraid of things. He was found in a drain staving, Husband showed me his picture on the website and I said nice looking but no dog yet. We have four cats.  Husband calls about a week later, he was out doing whatever and told me that he was bringing  "Drano" home. the poor puppy was afraid of me. I think he was abused by a female.  He changed his name to Froddo which I didn't like at all. I thought he looked more like a Max to me. We finally settled on Kirby. Kirby was afraid to get in the truck because the last time he was in the truck he went to the vet for a little cutting.  I think its because he hasn't been out riding with us or the husband. Kirby is a real sweetie though. He keeps giving me his paw when I don't ask for it because he wants his "cookie". He's a real sweetie. the cats aren't to thrilled. they don't want to play and oh don't give something to a cat because Kirby is right there saying "no, all mine".  One of these days Kirby is going to have a scar across his nose.

I've taken a few course on line, paranormal policing, witches and what not and  world building to name a few. For me, right now, is where does the story take place. In the US, did some catastrophic whatever happen that rendered technology obsolete and brought the magics back into the world.  Also as if starting over. Say generators work, having lights, clean drinking water. If you have a car or truck be happy because it will be years before they start making them again. Plus there is only so much gas that is usable. We go back to horse and carriage and walking. No flying in airplanes. Ships are OK.  this is the way its starts.

What I like to read is about supernaturals skinwalkers, werepeople. i love Patrica Briggs and Nalini Singh and Wilks WOW. I like fantasy/urban/paranormal. I love mysteries. I was hooked with the first Bobbsy Twins book that my Mom bought for me. I've been a reader ever since.
You know what is really nice is that my husband and stepson love to read too and there are some books that all three of us will read. Jim Butcher for one, Terry Brooks and Stephen King. I feel lucky to be married to Ray. He never complains about the number of books I buy or questions how much I spend. I do the same for him. We both have readers. He has the nook and I have a sony. There are just to many books in the house. I am going to have to sell or donate some of them. We downsized when we moved to NC to 800sq. ft. less space. There is more footage but we don't use the family room upstairs, its very warm up there and we need to have new stairs made. There is the sun room but its all screened in and the rain gets in there so not a good place to put books.  But I will think of something. We have a one room cabin on the property and that is loaded with books too. But enough of that.
I think I will introduce my protagonist, Lucy. Lucy is a psychic who teaches others how to open up their third eye. To be psychics themselves and that is it for now. She is going to be magical.
I will really try to do better with my blogging. I need to remember to write something if not everyday at least once or twice a week.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Descriptive writitng


You're right of course. Description is important and it does move the story. I usually skim through it but, I've been reading the descriptive prose because I need to be a better writer. So I now try to describe to myself, towns that I have been to or just Main Street and the shops and such. What houses look like clothing that my characters wear. I think I am getting better.

I write paranormal mystery love stories. I get to write all my favorites at one time.

Right now my internet is down and I am in the coffee shop. Internet should be back up on Wed. I have a lot of stuff saved on my big lap top. I am using my netbook right now, so much easier to carry around.

For the paranormal I can more or less change any setting I want. I grew up in the Bronx and worked in Manhattan for nine years. I know more about the city then I do about the Bronx. I didn't leave my comfort zone to often and was always surprised that the Bronx was so big. But the city is a different story, then again I can describe midtown but not great with downtown but I can change it because with a paranormal there is a change places are different because the humans, the supernatural, two natured, demons have taken over and magic does things to a town, city or villiage. I need to incorporate both the real and the fantasy. So, I am striving to do this.

Hopefully my internet will be working on Wed. and I can get down to work.

So I will say good bye for now.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thanks Christine

Here it is April 17, so much for blogging more. Not a thing since January. Thanks Christine for reminding me that I have a blog and I've been ignoring it.
We are still settling in. Kind of. Husband got a part time job which is very good. Extra money never hurts and the work will hopefully keep the boredom at bay. He is going to be a driver for a rehab place. It will be like working in NY as a hack except he won't have to carry a gun and the people who he drives won't be locked in, at least I don't think so.
I am finally getting ready to sit down and write. I've taken some classes on line and have a general idea of what I need to do. I know what to do I need to  sit down and do it. I think with Husband out of the house so I can have alone time it will finally come to me.
I have to stop here because Game Of Thrones is starting.
If anyone reads this;  I am having a big problem writing the descriptive stuff, you know, what the town looked like, what so and so is wearing and the forest or city and I don't want to make it boring so if anyone has any tips, well, I'll buy the coffee next time you all are in Charlotte.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

To write or not, a novel blogging is something that I hope will entertain

I promised myself that I would write every day or at least a few times a month and alas I did neither. For shame I say to myself. I will write more often. 
The problem is I usually run out of time. Not that I am doing anything special right now. The plot for my novel is running around in my head. I am having aa hard time figuring out where to go with it. I wish I had taken more writing classes in college. Creative writing only is not cutting it.
I will strive to do better.
I have my H&H now I need to murder someone. I need a reason why this character is murdered and who did it. Then of course there has to be the best friend, maybe a couple of them. Yeah, because we all have more than one friend. At least I hope so. It would kind of sad if you only have one. But I bet there are more friends out there than you think.
What I am writng is a paranormal murder romance. That says it all. I've taken some on line classes and let me tell you the classes are fantastic. So I should be prepared to sit down and start writing. I have more books on writing than I care to think about. How to murder, in what way, gun, knife, are you a serial murderer, a mass murderer or just knocking off Aunt Jessie for the money. So many ways to go with it.
Then I have my forensic books and websites to go to.
My cats have been so annoying today. Right now Sammie, the 15 pounder is trying to find a spot on my lap. She is sitting on my lap, at least I wish she would settle down. Then my male cat Mulder, oye all he has done is cry at me. We now have a dog so the cats food has to be on the counter, the brand new granite, We have four cats, they all want to eat at the same time. So much fun. Getting back to Mulder, He leaped up thinking he would land on the counter. He didn't. He limped for a couple of days. He and Scully are almost 14 years old. The vets says they are really old. Anyway now everytime Mulder wants to eat he comes over and cries. I don't know how many times I lifted him today. But wait, I digress.
Back to writing.  Now with a paranormal I have to have a demon or two, a shapeshifter, a vamp? I don't know. Vampires are not romantic figures to me. Unless its Angel and that's a whole nother thing. Yeah Buffy! Witches, sorcerer, psychics they could all be in my book, but wait, if I put them all in one book I won't have anything else to write about. Just Kidding.
There was a great speaker at RWA chapter meeting. I of course was late, no surprise there, well maybe, I actually showed up. My GPS hates me. I don't know where it wants to go in Charlotte  but its not to my meeting. Anyway we learned about trace evidence, The steps taken to get evidence chain of command and so on. It was really good. I like this chapter. I liked the one in Albany too. But here we meet at a resturant have a room to ourselves morning and afternoon program even time to chat before it all starts.
It never fails this time I am about an hour and a half drive away. When asked where I live they just shook their head and said you have a long trip. I  was hoping to maybe have at least one writer by me but no of course not. That would be to easy.  Just like in NY, there was no one near me. So I just trottle along and hope that maybe someone will join who lives near me.  Since I joined in June, there were 50 memebers or there abouts we now are over 70 memebers. I think that is great. Oh and just to show you where my lucks goes RWA Conf. will be in NY this summer. I lived in NY and now I am in North Carolina. Sometimes life just kicks you in the ass. I think I need to really want this and that nothing will deter me from going to the conf. Well money might well deter me. It will be an expensive trip. I don't have to stay at the hotel, I can stay with friends but that defeats the purpose of going of being able to hang out and just being there. Talk with other writers published and unpublished. Do the talks and go to the workshops that I am interested in.
We shall see. I am going to hope that I can go.
So I have been all over the place now but all with the same theme, writing.
I will try to blog more, maybe then I will have some more followers. 
I do thank my two followers I hope what I write will be entertaining, maybe give you  something to think about  or you think I am just crazy.