Thursday, September 1, 2011

If I didn't write anything in my book than I better blog.

You do need to write everyday. Doesn't matter what. Just do it.  I've been doing more research which is good. I've gone up with a couple of more ideas for future books which is great. But I have to tie myself down and write.
I have a goal this month 2000 words before the next chapter meeting. So of course this week I will be writing. I have a start thanks goodness. I think its a good story, actually it will be a great story.

Anna Campbell has been so supported to me. I found out about the RWA and the chapters, all by writing a little blurb for a contest that Anna was running. She really liked it, strange I didn't win. LOL She was just so helpful.  I hope one day to meet her and thank her in person for the great advice she gave me.

I also want to go to a conference. I joined the  Capital Region Chapter in NY, Albany. The first time I met everyone was at the workshop with Diana Love and Sherilyn Kenyon. It was fab. Both ladies were so funny and shared their knowledge with us. The following year I got really involved and did the PR work for the conference. It was great and time consuming but well worth it.  Angela Knight and Annette Blair were the authors du jour. They were great. So generous with their time and again, like the year before, with their knowledge.

I find that authors are more than willing to share, to help you and cheer you on in your writing endeavor. I look forward to going to a conference, hopefully RWA Nationals. This year it was in NY. Of course it was. I moved to North Carolina. The year before it was supposed to be in Nashville. I was all set to go for the day with my cousin. There was flooding and they moved Nationals to Orlando, The Swan and Dolphin, hotels owned by Disney.  I would love to go the Georgia conference Moonlight and Magnolias, a lost of my chapter mates are going. I need to find out if someone needs a room mate. Maybe I could go. I would love it.

Enough for tonight, getting tired and I really wanted to read some more.

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