Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where do ideas come from?

Ideas for stories come from all over the place. From your life, family life or friends life.  You can hear a remark in a restaurant and spin a 90K book about of it.  You can stare up at the sky and make stories up about the cloud formations. Everything is grist for the mill.
That being said I can't get my storyline to go forward. Its a pain. I think my big problem is that I don't set a time and tell everyone that this is my writing time. Don't call, don't ask me any questions, make like I don't exist. Maybe then I can settle down and write.
I have research to do and have already done some. Well, I bought books so I can read up on it.
Sometimes I feel like I am brain dead. I can't get an idea to save my life.  I've started about six or seven books, have 36K words on one but I don't like it. 

What it comes down to is I want a new idea something no one else has thought of. But that is not going to happen. All I can do is make my story better.  There are only so many scenarios to be had.  I could make up a new demon, a new kind of hero or a strange planet.
I think too, even though we have been here for a year now, we are still not all the way moved in. There are boxes that still need to be unloaded, have to paint the bedrooms, have the floors redone and finish the kitchen. Have to get the back-splash up and paint the cabinets.
The house in Gloversville is going up for sale, finally. My step-son says he is going to room with a friend of his. He thinks he will move in Oct. I don't know if we will continue to rent. Three of his buddies are living there now.
So many things to do and think about.
So, once upon a time there was a demon killer, a demon and a girl. Wow there I go heres a new story. LOL
Anyway need to get some stuff done. So I am almost gone.  Now I am gone.

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