Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A little of me and a lot about the Authors After Dark to be con't.

OK so I have been very bad. I don't blog much. I have read some really great books. Won some fantastic books that I just loved, Lori Handeland, Heather Graham Kelley Armstrong to just mention a few.
I went to what I consider my first con. Authors After Dark. I only knew one person and that person I only met seven years ago at ALBCON. Science Fiction and fantasy. A few of us and tried to get Romance in too. Really how many of either genre doesn't have romance. We did panels and from what I remember, the panels were pretty full. I was on  a couple of them as the reader with the writers.

AAD was fun. Met a lot of really nice people, readers and writers. The writers was so nice to me. There were a couple of author that signed the book and just gave it to me because I asked questions. I will always ask if I sit in my seat. I haven't had to get up in front of my peers in years, so I think, hopefully I would not get so dry a dry mouth. It was terrible. I wouldn't stutter. There are times when I can see the word and I just can't say it even to this day.

 But enough about me for now.

By the time I got to the hotel I had  a raging headache and lets not even talk about my back. I will tell you that my family Doctor now calls me mummy I have desiccated disks. Yippee for me. But I deal with it because you have to.

Back to the con, so first night I grabbed pizza when upstairs took some meds for pain took all the other meds I have take at night. But did finally fall a sleep. Got up early, I set the phone app for the alarm and it worked, Cathy Clamp was the author that I had breakfast with along with two really nice girls From Montana. It was a great breakfast, still had headache and back, forget about it. I went to the panels and if I can figure out where the spot is for pictures, I will put them up.

Hopefully I will  be back tomorrow and finish up the whole four days. I had a lot of fun and looked great with tiara and dress. I even got a compliment the next day. made me feel great.

My bed is calling me and so is my husband.

So nighty nighty all 17 readers. Tell your friends, tell anyone. Maybe it will keep me blogging