Monday, April 25, 2011

Descriptive writitng


You're right of course. Description is important and it does move the story. I usually skim through it but, I've been reading the descriptive prose because I need to be a better writer. So I now try to describe to myself, towns that I have been to or just Main Street and the shops and such. What houses look like clothing that my characters wear. I think I am getting better.

I write paranormal mystery love stories. I get to write all my favorites at one time.

Right now my internet is down and I am in the coffee shop. Internet should be back up on Wed. I have a lot of stuff saved on my big lap top. I am using my netbook right now, so much easier to carry around.

For the paranormal I can more or less change any setting I want. I grew up in the Bronx and worked in Manhattan for nine years. I know more about the city then I do about the Bronx. I didn't leave my comfort zone to often and was always surprised that the Bronx was so big. But the city is a different story, then again I can describe midtown but not great with downtown but I can change it because with a paranormal there is a change places are different because the humans, the supernatural, two natured, demons have taken over and magic does things to a town, city or villiage. I need to incorporate both the real and the fantasy. So, I am striving to do this.

Hopefully my internet will be working on Wed. and I can get down to work.

So I will say good bye for now.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thanks Christine

Here it is April 17, so much for blogging more. Not a thing since January. Thanks Christine for reminding me that I have a blog and I've been ignoring it.
We are still settling in. Kind of. Husband got a part time job which is very good. Extra money never hurts and the work will hopefully keep the boredom at bay. He is going to be a driver for a rehab place. It will be like working in NY as a hack except he won't have to carry a gun and the people who he drives won't be locked in, at least I don't think so.
I am finally getting ready to sit down and write. I've taken some classes on line and have a general idea of what I need to do. I know what to do I need to  sit down and do it. I think with Husband out of the house so I can have alone time it will finally come to me.
I have to stop here because Game Of Thrones is starting.
If anyone reads this;  I am having a big problem writing the descriptive stuff, you know, what the town looked like, what so and so is wearing and the forest or city and I don't want to make it boring so if anyone has any tips, well, I'll buy the coffee next time you all are in Charlotte.