Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well I didn't blog everyday for shame

We've been so busy still unpacking stuff. I really hate moving and I swear I will not buy another teapot or figural cat again. Unless of course I get rid of one or two. Or its something I just can't live without.

While unpacking I found some of the stories I did for my writing class back in '96. When I was at Hudson Valley CC. What joy! What fun! My Prof actually liked a couple a lot. He told me that I should do more. I forgot all of that. Not the stories I wrote, one short story, first part of chapter one, an article, and that is all I found but I thought it was all gone. So I am happy. I might just work-up the story I had in mind when I started chapter one. Its a ghost story. Hey and what class am I taking this month, learning about ghosts from one of the RWA chapters. LRWA gives great classes. I wish I could be more involved with the classes but something always comes up and I end up just downloading the lectures. I'm going to Fl. on the 12th and will be gone for two weeks. But I am taking my lap top and I should be able to con't with this study. It will be really great.

No writing today. I have to start back on book #1 I am going to save #2 for November.  I am also going to try and rewrite the short story I wrote back in '96. Its a murder mystery and it was a lot of fun writing it. I know I lost my voice by doing so many rewrites but I think I can get it back to where it should be. Its funny I had this typewriter that took a disk for the ink. It was a Brother and I really liked it but they stopped making the ink. Anyway I was typing up my story and ran out of ink. Its like 2 in the morning and there is no where, no store I can go to buy more. I had to hand this in the next day. The Prof. had told a story of the same thing happening to him and how his Prof took it. I felt really silly about this and I hoped that he didn't think that I was making this up. Part of it was typed and part handwritten. The really bad part is that a lot of people complained about my handwriting. I don't know why, I thought it was pretty good. I write back hand even though I am a righty, anyway I guess he got though it OK I think I got an A. Yeah I did. The other nurses that I worked with told me that my writing was getting as bad as the Dr's and to stop it. LOL I still get complaints at times. I wrote my Dad a letter one time and my Mom had to read it to him because he couldn't, he complained about my handwriting too. Oh well I type now so I don't worry about it.
I have to stop buying books for my Sony. I need to read some of them before I buy again. But its so easy to just click buy. Of course when I go to Barnes and Noble or A Million Books, I think its something like that, I buy more. I need to get rid of a lot of books that DH and I have. There is no room and I can't be reading them all over again, I don't have time to read all the knew ones I have. My TBR list is so bad that there are books that I bought over a year ago that I haven't gotten to yet. I must be good, no more buying for a while or at least until my favorite authors write more.
Well dear blog I will say good night and hopefully will be back a lot sooner to write more.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Need Followers

This is just a quickie because I have to go to bed. Its after 2 am. I don't know why I stay up late most nights. Sometimes I sleep in but mostly I get up anywhere from 7-9. Not working does that to you and hubby is retired. Ray still gets up early  but then again he will go in to bed before 10. I only do that if I am sick or really really tired.
Worked mostly on facebook this evening. Did read a bunch of good articles from writers digest and others.
Its finally getting a little chilly at night. It was hot today though. I thought I would just melt away.
So for tomorrow we have to go pick-up my car, get stuff ready for the yard sale and meet my new PA. Not really happy with a PA would much rather have my own Doctor. We shall what its like.

I really need to get some followers. This is said having just one. I will have to start giving out my web page. I will also give out updates on my book. What chapter, what if any problems, research info and so on. Kenyon told us at my NY RWA chapter that this helped her because she started blogging a year before the first book was release. It got tied up in something, I forget what she told us. Diana Love was there too. What a funny lady. It was a good workshp and the first one I went to.
Well that is it for tonight. I am cold and can't wait to go to bed.
Going now.....

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Well, while watching the Emmy's  I tried to change my settings. It didn't happen. Don't know why.

I'm disappointed that Lost didn't win. bummer.

Quiet day today. Didn't do much of anything. Ray and I went to the store for food and then neither one of us wanted dinner. At least nothing heavy. Thats OK I didn't really want to cook anyway. Like I ever do. If Ray didn't make dinner I don't think I would eat.

Talked to one of my friends today and she doesn't believe that I am happy in NC. she think that all I did was cut myself off from my friends. I know she misses me and she can't understand how I could leave NY. I don't know why she can 't understand that I wanted to leave. She even told me that she knows that Ray didn't want to move. Of course he didn't, he grew up around Gloversville. But he didn't have a bunch of friends that hung out all the time. No one really wanted to come up to us. Most of my friends made the trip at least once, I was the one who usually had to go to them. Something that I was used to doing anyway.

But enough of that. The important thing is my writing. What will I write. con't with the story I started a couple of years ago and keep changing or go with my new idea. Are there to many books on serial killers? I find them very interesting. I did a lot of studying and wrote a few papers on them when at university. Or mesh the two together serial killer with paranormal overtones. Sure, why not? I could start off with something hard hitting and hopefully turn it into a series. Never know, it may take off. But what should my protagonist be, a witch or a psychic or maybe something else all together like an Elf. Who knows I think I will just start and see what my mind comes up with.
So two days in a row I blogged. Yeah me. I am going to try and blog something everyday. Who knows maybe someone will actually read my blog and give me an idea for my story.
I need to go over the lessons that I have downloaded. Always to busy to actually join a class. I was able to join in for one class for about a week. I signed up for two more for next month and I promised myself that I would take part in the class. Whats the sense of paying for a class and then not doing it. I know I will be away for two weeks in Sept. leaving on the 12th for Fl with my cuz T. I'm not even to sure that I want to go. That's really not true. I do look forward to going with my cuz. We usually have a great time. I just feel bad leaving Ray alone for two weeks. T is hoping that I will be able to go again in seven months. I don't want to leave Ray twice in one year. Once a year is good. I want to be able to go on vacation with Ray. We want to have a good time together too.
Well I am going to check my mail and let the cats in. Sammie is at the door looking at me and I think I see another animal, maybe a cat. I let Sammie in and no one else was there. Good.

So I will say good night for now. Hopefully I will write again tomorrow.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Where have I been

Well I have been to NY and back three times so far this year. Vacation with hubby to visit family and look around to see where we would like to live in North Carolina.  Saw a few really nice houses and not so nice. We weren't going to buy this year, just wanted to look around and see what out money would buy. Famous last words.
We both fell in love with this 1940's cottage. It is great. master suite was an add-on. The couple we bought the house from, and yes I said bought, is a builder. I love our bedroom and bathroom. I love my walk in closet. Its so big and roomy. Poor hubby has this little closet about three feet deep and usual height.  He also took over one of the closets in one of the guest rooms. Two guest rooms seperated by the guest bathroom. The livingroom opens up to the kitchen. there is a free standing gas fireplace that seperates the two. We have .75 of an acre. We are on a dead-end street with one neighbor above us, two across from us and one on the corner which is for sale.It is just fastastic. We have a deck which you can get to from our bedroom or through the kitchen to the screened in sun room. We have the pool and if you look to your right there is a hot tub and outdoor shower. The deck is built all around the pool. It has two levels, so need to becareful if coming from the sunroom to seat at the table because there is a nice little step that you have to go down. I missed it a couple of times and let me tell you it hurts when I do that Pressure on the spine I guess when I land. We have greenery all over the pool area and hot tub and shower. You walk under a ceiling of greenery. Its all so private. We love it. Behind the house is all enclosed, fenced in which is great for us because it allows the four cats to come and go as they please. 

Mostly they go. Sammie usually stays in at night. She is so funny. She wieghts 15 + lb. She takes a running leap from the living room to the bedroom. Leaps onto the bed, well she tries and if her claws were any shorter she would end up on the floor every night. So she digs those claws and boosts herself up. Sometimes she is lazy and jumps up to the bench at the foot of the bed and then on to the bed. She has to come right up to my face which she than starts to wash. From the face she goes for the neck that she likes to suck. She is a very strange cat. I stop her, she does desists for a moment and tries to get back to where she was. I am waiting for up to open up an artery. I think she is a strange vampire cat. If I can sleeping my husband will then knock her off the bed.  Sammie is eight years old and her partner in crime is Meowie. Ah my poor baby. Before we moved to NC I took all the cats to the vet. All four were healthy. After we were here are few weeks Ray and I noticed that shw was very thin. More so than normal for her. She wasn't eating and would lay around and sleep as much as she could. Off to a new Vet. As I was holding Meowie he informed us that he was pretty sure tht she was in liver failure. I just cryed. She is not in kidney which is very good. We had blood work done and the problem is her liver.  He gave us some, what we call goop, to give her three times a day. That has been going over well. I find that when we give it to her she gets sick. She will take the goop and then eat and then its a mess. So what we are doing if she is having a bad day she gets the goop, it keeps her body in balance, electolytes, If she is eating without a problem we don't give it to her or if we can just at night before bed. So far she is doing alright and as long as she is free from pain, we will keep her with us.
Mulder and Scully are siblings and are 13 years old. They are doing great. Mulder comes in during the day and even likes staying in the house some night. He always wants attention. Like when  I introduce him to his food a few hundred times a day. Scully is very happy with her dry food and loves being outside. In the grass or in the sun room. She is a very content kitty. Does not want to come in at all. I think she  is afraid that we will keep her in the house all night
Think on this; .75 of an acre, cats have free run of the place for the most part and the three females use the litter pan. Mulder is a true adventurer. Goes in the grass. Our one male cat.

Getting back to the house, we have a one room cabin and a workshop for Ray. He wanted my cabin as a man cave and I said "not in this life time" LOL Actually I would have given him anything he wanted because he really did not want to leave NY he was content there in Gloversville. I was not.
So now we have this great house and we really don't have to do that much to her, its in great shape. We are going to change the kitchen a little, redo the guest bathroom and, oh yes, the family room is upstairs in the attic which the previous owner redid. Looks so nice. the only problem we have is with the stairs going to the family room. They are a little too steep for me and one of these days I am going to get hurt. Bad back and all is something I don't need. So our friend Joe who is a master cabinetworker will redo the stairs for us. And I know it will look great. He is a genius with wood. He works in NC and in FL.
Joe and his wife Lynn also owns two shops selling handbags in Hendersonville (which is where I found him) and in Forest City. The bags are out of this world and to die for. the prices are right too. I could afford to buy a couple.
So to get back to where I was going with this post. We drive down to   Hendersonville to visit my cousin T and her husband. We bought a house, we didn't mean to buy a house but we did. So back in April to sign, no, lender was not ready. We were told that they were about 7 business days behind. So we visit in Virgina and head north. Come April 30th and we have the closing. We are not ready to move. So much to do in the house in Gloversville. We did clean it out as much as we could. We packed. We left most of the furniture in Gloversville for out son. Come the end of May and we are on the move. Ray rented a truck, not big enough, Patrick, Rays son and Matt his brother helped us move. I didn't have anyone to help, my family,  gone to the heavens. I have cousins but they are older than me so I didn't want to ask. Anyway three weeks later, Ray rents another truck, still not big enough, I just keep laughing, and its just me and Ray. What a joke. Truck breaks down took over 24 hours to get another truck and it was miserable. U-Haul owes us money. Which I have to get back to them with the receipts. There is just so much paper work around and I have to get that done.
Finally home and we hire two guys to empty the truck and put the stuff were we want it. They were pretty good and fast. We hired them from the furniture store where we bought our couch for the living room and two chairs for the family room.
We are not homefree yet. Ray is going up north in Sept to get the rest of our stuff. I hope. I will stay home with the cats. We had baby sitters for them when we went north but Ray will get everything done quicker without me there. So he thinks. that is fine. Because I will be coming home from FL with my cousin T.
We will stop in Orlando see the mouse and then onto her condo and then  back home.
This is the short version of how did we move and  how we forgot stuff. On no must have it now! LOL
But had  a great time buying new.

I don't know how short this is I think think this is the first one I wrote. I am afraid to check. I don't want to lose all of it.

One of the reasons that I wanted to move was  that my imagination had kinda dried up. No story lines, nothing was coming to me. But here in North Carolina I feel like my imagination has just taken off. Its been dead for about 10 years. After three years in Gloversville it just all went away.
Another reason is that there was nothing holding us there. My parents are gone, died within eight months of each other. My little sister, who I used to call The Baby until she complained that I would be calling her that when she was in her 60's. She died in her 40's. I miss them all like crazy.
Rays family was gone from the area too. He has six brothers but not really close to any of them except for Matt the yougnest. Ray is seond oldest or #2 as one of his brothers like to call him. There is also twig boy or burch boy, that is Tommy and he makes the most beautiful furniture. My mother-in-law and I both agreed that neither of us could afford to buy from him.

Patrick didn't want to make the move with us. Pat is Ray's son. So we left him in charge of the Gloversville house and he has rented out three of the bedrooms. We had four. So he is doing OK. He is taking care of the house and working. I am very proud of him. Ray is also proud. He's come a long way since he came back home from Seattle. I think Ray wished that Pat would come down here. There is a comm. college not far from us and Pat needs to go back to school. I know Ray misses him. It was tough when Pat was on the other side of the nation. Pat is going to try and get some time off around Xmas. I told him that we could have Xmas anyday as long as he was with us. So I am hoping that he can get a few days off. We will pay for his ticket and that should make it easier for him. Right now he is only working part time. He's had the job for over two years now but...
I would love to know what  happened to the first post I wrote. ah well its all a mystery to me.
Tomorrow hopefully I will write more about writing; what I like to write and what I love to read.
I think this is the post I wrote the first time. Its a mystery to me.
Til the morrow, I hope.

some days are just argh

I wrote this really great post about our moving and what was going on and how happy we are and the opposum, and the cats and what have you and its gone. Why I don't know I was signed in then it said I wasn't and now I am and its all gone. I will try again tomorrow.
But this is one of the reasons why that I don't blog all that much. Lets see if this works now. Maybe my last post saved itself. I do hope so.
Here goes nothing. I found the orginal post. Yea me! So that is it for the night. I have to check Facebook and see how my farm and frontiertown is doing. These games are goin to drive me crazy. I had to cut myself down to two. Well maybe one more if I love it.
Night Night Blog People

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh My

I haven't blogged since October. bad me. I have had other things on my mind like everyone else. Its winter here in upper NYS, just as it is in other parts of the state and from Washington DC to Maine. Cold weather. Not to much snow so far which is great for me. Not into all the wintery stuff. Does nothing for me except make me feel more cold. 
We didn't have heat for a few days, air in the pipes, or water, actually no water the pipe in my office burst. Just little holes really but what a mess. Its New Years Eve and Ray calls for someone to fix the heating problem. No such luck, can't be fixed untl Tuesday of the following week. Ray say OK, because what else can you do.8 AM on Tues comes Robert to the door. I lead him to the basement and tell him "Have at it, Its all your." Robert just smiled said it wasn't bad in the basement. Cold up stairs though. 
So the day goes along and Robert is bleeding the pipes and doing whatever you need to do to fix them and can't understand why its not working. He looks at the pipes in the kitchen, bathroom and then I say, maybe you should try the lones in the office. Well we open the door, and now, its late in the afternoon, robert has been all over the pipes and stuff. He even had another another guy, who is a plumber, come to the house and help. As I said, I open the door to the office and there is water all over the floor and it is so cold that things have frozen to the rug. I had a lot of stuff in my office, Boxes for the Xmas deco's my numerous books on writng, witchcraft, wicca and serial killers. I want to write paranormal mysteries with hot love.  Anyway, I digess, water all over the floor. Robert takes the heat cover or whatever you call those things and lo and behold there is a hole in the pipe and not just one but two holes in the pipe.
Of course the office now needs to be cleaned out so Robert can work. I run upstairs and wake Pat. I told him that I needed his help and he will get dressed and come down. I go back to Robert and start taking stuff out of the office. Stuff that is not frozen in place and papers, oh lord, so many papers. Some are wet but I can't just dump them I have to check and see what I have to keep. I hand stuff out from the room and Pat and Robert grab it and look for a place to put it down.
The problem with my office is it used to be an inclosed sunroom or something like that. Tom, the previous owner told us that they enclosed it because either his wifes or his own parents couldn't do the stairs anymore so they fixed that room. Its not insulated that is one thing I can tell you. So the cold, and its been really cold, played a big part in the busted pipe.
How could we not know that there was a problem in the office? We don't go in there unless we are putting something in there. I keep the door closed because its a very cold room. Now its not like I hadn't been in the room for weeks or even days, actucally I put something in the room the day before and I didn't notice anything and I think I would have. Expecially if my shoes made a wet sucking sound.

 Robert and the plumber, I don't remember his name, go out to their respective trucks and check to see if they have all the parts they need. They do. I am happy.  They work to fix the pipes. Ray comes home and I tell and show him the office. "Oh Wow" says Ray.
Things are doing OK and the plumber leaves. Robert comes up from the basement and tells me that everything is fixed and he will go out to his truck and write up the bill.

I look at the bill and say to myself thank god, not that bad. Robert says "You have heat now, call if any problems" I said "Thanks Robert  and hopefuly I won't have to call you again."  That night my husband tells me that there is no heat upstais and I say to him "oh great, there isn't any heat down here either. Bummer."  Ray calls the place and Alisha tells him that they will try and get Robert over to the house to check out the heater. OK, so we wait and its cold. Alisha calls and tell me that Robert won't be available until the day after tomorrow, Friday. What can I say but "oh really not till then." Alisha then asks me if we have othe rways to heat the house and I tell her we have heaters, sweaters and throws, we will be fine.
Not happy but what can I do. The place likes to keep you with one guy and for us its Robert. Thursday Alisha calls and tells me that Robert is available now, can he come? Yes, I say but give me a 1/2 hour. I'm still in my pj's, I  like to do what I have to, clean and stuff then shower and get dressed. Alisha says that's great it will take him that long to get to the house. Super.
I run upstairs throw some clothes on and the phone rings, its Alisha, Robert is downstairs and no one is answering the door. Of course no,t its only been 10 minutes, but I say OK I guess I didn't hear him.I let Robert in and   I say he should ring the doorbell. No matter he is here and he will fix my heating or lack of heat. I follow Robert down to the basement and he looks at he valve and says "Oh you need a new thingy, I think I have some in the car." ( He really didn't say new thingy, I just don't know what its called) "Great" says I. Robert goes out the front door to his truck and returns with new valves. It ended up needing 2 new valves. For the overflow, I don't know and really don't care. If it was just me I would do the same thing again and telling me names of the pieces does nothing for me. Lost cause when it comes to stuff like that.
I remember, it was New Years Eve.  A Thursday, Friday was New Years Eve and they had no one to send unless we wanted to spend lots and lots of money. We didn't want to do that. Alisha, the recep't. told us that couldn't couldn't get anyone out until Tuesday. We can wait. It wasn't bad I think the coldest it got was 56 degrees. So not to bad. Tuesday comes and with it Robert. I showed Robert the basement and told him "Have at  it." Now the basement is in a little bit of a mess. We have to much stuff and anything I am not sure of I put in a box or bag and put it away for me to look at later. I do that alot. We have lots and lots of boxes and bags filled with paper that I know 3/4 could be thrown out. But I can't do it, not until I go through all of it. This brings me to think of Hoarders a new show on A&E. The only difference is I can and do throw out lots of stuff. Hoarders don't. They have a mental illness, I don't. At least not that one. 
Robert fixes the gas heater. We are happy, well I am happy, no one else is home. I pay, it hurts.
That was Tuesday morning. Ray came home and says there is no heat upstairs call the place and get Robert back here. Ray calls and and Robert comes back. There is air in the line that I didn't get, says Robert. I say OK. He does whatever to get the air out and we have. I am happy again.
The next day, I go down to the basement to start the washes. There is water coming out of the heater. Oh no, I say to myself. Ray is home and I call up to him to come and and fix or do something. He comes down see the water and tells me its the over flow but it shouldnt be coming out like that. I go upstair and call the place. Robert not available until the day after. OK, we wait.
Alisha calls and tells me that Robert is back early from a job and can come over in say 1/2-hour. I say great. I run upstairs to get dressed. The phone rings and its Alisha,  asks," you are home, right?" " Yes, I am.
"Well Robert is outside the door and no one is answering." "I will go right down and let him in." I am upstairs and couldn't hear the bell, if he used the bell. I go down and I see that Patrick is up and he didn't hear anything either. I open the front door and before me is Robert, I say "Hi Robert, Hows it going?" He says "OK." I ask him if he rang the bell and he says no he knocked. "That's why I didn't hear it, I was upstairs." That little mystery solved.
I take Robert to the basement and he sees the water and it is the overflow but I need a new setup, acually I get two new ones. Lucky me.
Everything is fixed and I get my check book and Robert goes to make out the bill. I shed a small tear and hand him the check. He says its not to bad and he gave me a discount. I say thanks.
Compared to last year when both cars broke down and had to be towed and then Rays broke down again and had to be towed again. I did not like making out those checks for those bills right before Xmas. At least the heater problem was only half of what I paid for the cars, and it was after Xmas. Of course, because this is the way things go in my world, its right before Ray retires. Thats the way it goes sometimes.