Sunday, August 29, 2010


Well, while watching the Emmy's  I tried to change my settings. It didn't happen. Don't know why.

I'm disappointed that Lost didn't win. bummer.

Quiet day today. Didn't do much of anything. Ray and I went to the store for food and then neither one of us wanted dinner. At least nothing heavy. Thats OK I didn't really want to cook anyway. Like I ever do. If Ray didn't make dinner I don't think I would eat.

Talked to one of my friends today and she doesn't believe that I am happy in NC. she think that all I did was cut myself off from my friends. I know she misses me and she can't understand how I could leave NY. I don't know why she can 't understand that I wanted to leave. She even told me that she knows that Ray didn't want to move. Of course he didn't, he grew up around Gloversville. But he didn't have a bunch of friends that hung out all the time. No one really wanted to come up to us. Most of my friends made the trip at least once, I was the one who usually had to go to them. Something that I was used to doing anyway.

But enough of that. The important thing is my writing. What will I write. con't with the story I started a couple of years ago and keep changing or go with my new idea. Are there to many books on serial killers? I find them very interesting. I did a lot of studying and wrote a few papers on them when at university. Or mesh the two together serial killer with paranormal overtones. Sure, why not? I could start off with something hard hitting and hopefully turn it into a series. Never know, it may take off. But what should my protagonist be, a witch or a psychic or maybe something else all together like an Elf. Who knows I think I will just start and see what my mind comes up with.
So two days in a row I blogged. Yeah me. I am going to try and blog something everyday. Who knows maybe someone will actually read my blog and give me an idea for my story.
I need to go over the lessons that I have downloaded. Always to busy to actually join a class. I was able to join in for one class for about a week. I signed up for two more for next month and I promised myself that I would take part in the class. Whats the sense of paying for a class and then not doing it. I know I will be away for two weeks in Sept. leaving on the 12th for Fl with my cuz T. I'm not even to sure that I want to go. That's really not true. I do look forward to going with my cuz. We usually have a great time. I just feel bad leaving Ray alone for two weeks. T is hoping that I will be able to go again in seven months. I don't want to leave Ray twice in one year. Once a year is good. I want to be able to go on vacation with Ray. We want to have a good time together too.
Well I am going to check my mail and let the cats in. Sammie is at the door looking at me and I think I see another animal, maybe a cat. I let Sammie in and no one else was there. Good.

So I will say good night for now. Hopefully I will write again tomorrow.

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