Friday, December 23, 2011

Finished Shopping, I think. Merry Christmas all

Happy Holiday and all that good stuff. I hope u all enjoy and get whatever you asked for, dreamed about and in case of kids, begged.

The good news is my hand is much better. Reddness is gone and there is  no pain.  Taking my meds like I am supposed to.

Finished up my shopping for Christmas. Just have to wrap what I bought and put it under the tree. Then have to buy some wine. One for my cousins husband and one to bring to dinner.

The under the tree looks kind of bear compared to last year. We were very good to each other. This year we kept it small. I mean really I can't think of a thing that we need so we bought each other stuff we think the other wants.
I got my new computer so I am happy. Ray gets a new Nook tablet and I inherit his nook. No complaints from me about that. I think we did movies books and stuff like that.  Its going to great.

Haven't done any writing so far. But come Monday I have to hit the pc and get to work.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What the Doctor told me.

Went to the Doctor and he was not pleased with me. I should have come in yesterday. So I got a shot in the left hip and a tetanus shot in my left arm. I am not happy, forget the Dr. I have to take antibiotics for 14 days.  He says that he is trying to keep me out of the hospital which is a very good thing to me. Been there and done that. Big scar left forearm. Two scars as a matter of fact. My hand is really infected and if it gets worse to the ER I must go.  The good thing is that it is not hurting like it was yesterday. So far no pain med which is just as well. I itch with codeine and if on an empty stomache I toss my cookies. So I am happy that I don't need them.

Have to clean the house and stuff so hoepfully I will be able to use my hand tomorrow.  George. my doctor, says the swelling should go down hopefully tomorrow. I hope it does.

Our other three cats are very quiet tonight. They really did not interact that much unless they were all eating at the same time. So I don't know if the realize Meowie is gone. We are going to miss her.

Time for x-factor so I shall say good night.

 For tomorrow cleaning, wash and finish up the 20K words I said I would write by Jan. 7th. 10K more to go. Actually more because my Protag Brenna demanded to be younger.
Good Night All

My poor Meowie & Xmas is coming.

My calico cat Meowie, passed away last night. She fought the good fight for 16 months against liver failure. She was such a good cat. Ray and I will miss her very much. We buried her today in the backyard. She will be waiting at the rainbow bridge for me.

Christmas is only a few days away. Ray has to work 4-12 so its going to be very quiet here. I may go to friends Christmas Eve for dinner or to my cousins. Don't know which one yet.
No snow which I like. Don't need snow to make it Christmas for me.

My laptop got this rotten virus the Win 7 Internet Security. We bought me a new laptop and I am having the old one cleaned. I have to have my research or hours and hours are wasted. I don't want to have to look everything up again. Plus I have workshops on there that I have taken in the last two years.

It could be worse, I guess.  So I should be thankful for what I do have.

Will start working on my book again as soon as I see the Dr. about the infection I have in my right thumb which is spreading across my hand.
When I got up to go void, Meowie was at the end of the bed, Scully in the middle. I didn't know that Meowie was there. It was 5:30 am. She started to fall off the end of the bed and I tried to grab her so she wouldn't fall, she bit my thumb. Its really infected now and I have to see the Doc this afternoon.
So I will get ready and go.
Till later blogettes

Monday, December 12, 2011

What can I say...Toshiba or HP

Here I sit with fat cat complaining that I don't have a comfortable lap at the moment. Too bad for Sammie aka Fat Cat.
I am bummed my big laptop got hit with a really rotten virus. Why people do this crap is  beyond me. They can't see the results of their "work". Now I have to get a new one. Right now I am using my netbook.  The netbook is great when I am out and about or at the chapter meetings but for every day use not that great.  So this will be a little short. 
My main character wants to be younger. Who am I to argue. I will rewrite. I have about 10K so its not bad.
I am going to try and remember what it felt to be 18 without all the angst. LOL

The Holidays are upon us. Our tree is up, the town is up. Bought two new pieces for it.  I will do pictures and try to get them on the blog.  Mr. and Mrs. Claus are on the front porch, with three trees with lights. So cute. To bad we are on a dead end.  But hey we like it.

OK on to the new laptop. I really don't like HP. I had so many problems with the last one I owned that I never want another one. I told Santa (husband) that I wanted a fast one. An i7 at least. I don't know if they go higher. I want a 17.3 in size  6-8 gigs of memory and of course a large hard drive. Best Buy has a Toshiba  and an HP  pretty much the same though the Toshiba seems to bee better on paper. Does anyone have an opinon? It would really help me. Thanks
I think this is it for the night. Husband is making dessert. I love peaches, little cakes and lots of whop cream.
Night all

Monday, December 5, 2011

Good Times, Bad Times

Saturday was the chapter Xmas party. I had fun. It was my first Xmas with the chapter. I didn't make last years, either the weather was bad, I got lost or my back was bad or maybe it was all three. LOL
So that is my good news. Now for the bad; my laptop got infected with a worm. I am so not happy. The bad thing I was on AOL and up pops this Win 7 Internett Security thingy. Virus' all over the place.  win 7 wants money to use their antivirus. Its bad. I looked them up and people fwho bought the service had nothing but complaints. Pay some amount of money and it will take care of everything. Meanwhile I ran McAfee and McAfee says everything is fine. So I called AOL; they can fix it or t least give me the means to do so. Bad thing I had already signed out of AOL and it wouldn't let me go back on. So then AOL person tells me that she will me to a specialist who will be able to remotely fix my laptop For $130.00.  I said no thank you. I am getting a new laptop for Xmas. I will save my money for ink.
I am going to have to print out a lot of stuff. I am afraid to do any transfers and infect my netbook. Which is what I am using right now.  A friend sent me smething to get rid of the worm or at least the first step. I have to get the rest from someone else. What a bother.
I dragged out my old 15 inch to use, that was pretty horrible. It was so slow and it was freezing every two seconds. I went back to my netbook.  My tale of woe.
I told my husband that my next laptop should have the speed of i7.  I think its the fastest but you know that as soon as he buys it for me something faster will come out.
Its after midnight so I am going to bed. Try to get some room between the husband and two of the cats. No wonder I don't sleep well. LOL
Good Night Dear Reader.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December The Holiday Month

Its a cold day in NC, 28 degrees.  Its going to get warmer though, in the 50's. That's it for the weather report.

Just received a new book from Rosemary Harris. She sent books to everyone who asked. Its called Dead Head. When I am done I will do a review.
Look back a few days and there is another review of a books by Misty Evans. I really liked it.

Was out hunting for a new laptop yesterday. It will be my Xmas present from hubby. I picked out a Toshiba, 17" speed at i7. Very fast, which is what I want. My Dell has gotten so slow and I can't open half the things I want to. I am going to get this cleaned out, its always good to have a back-up.
What kind of laptop or PC do you think is best?  I would love to read some answers. It would help in my search if there is something better out there.

My NaNo book protag has decided to be a bit younger than I planned. She doesn't want to be in her 30's or 20's, she wants to be a teen.  So I am rewriting her and the story.  You just can't fight the character. I realized that I was writing in a younger voice and by the time I hit chapter three it was really evident. So Brenna will be 17 or 18 yrs. of age. Working in her parents store. She will not be the oldest now. Her brother Ben was the youngest I think now she needs to be either the youngest or next to the youngest.
For me, this is the first time that a character went against what I wanted her to be.  I will start the rewrite tomorrow. Ray will be working and I will have the house to myself. I like that. I can go to my office and close the door and be alone but I really like being the only one home when I am writing. Its a silly thing. I will get over it.

Thanks for joining my blog.  I hope you find it interesting and maybe leave some replies.