Thursday, December 1, 2011

December The Holiday Month

Its a cold day in NC, 28 degrees.  Its going to get warmer though, in the 50's. That's it for the weather report.

Just received a new book from Rosemary Harris. She sent books to everyone who asked. Its called Dead Head. When I am done I will do a review.
Look back a few days and there is another review of a books by Misty Evans. I really liked it.

Was out hunting for a new laptop yesterday. It will be my Xmas present from hubby. I picked out a Toshiba, 17" speed at i7. Very fast, which is what I want. My Dell has gotten so slow and I can't open half the things I want to. I am going to get this cleaned out, its always good to have a back-up.
What kind of laptop or PC do you think is best?  I would love to read some answers. It would help in my search if there is something better out there.

My NaNo book protag has decided to be a bit younger than I planned. She doesn't want to be in her 30's or 20's, she wants to be a teen.  So I am rewriting her and the story.  You just can't fight the character. I realized that I was writing in a younger voice and by the time I hit chapter three it was really evident. So Brenna will be 17 or 18 yrs. of age. Working in her parents store. She will not be the oldest now. Her brother Ben was the youngest I think now she needs to be either the youngest or next to the youngest.
For me, this is the first time that a character went against what I wanted her to be.  I will start the rewrite tomorrow. Ray will be working and I will have the house to myself. I like that. I can go to my office and close the door and be alone but I really like being the only one home when I am writing. Its a silly thing. I will get over it.

Thanks for joining my blog.  I hope you find it interesting and maybe leave some replies.

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