Monday, December 12, 2011

What can I say...Toshiba or HP

Here I sit with fat cat complaining that I don't have a comfortable lap at the moment. Too bad for Sammie aka Fat Cat.
I am bummed my big laptop got hit with a really rotten virus. Why people do this crap is  beyond me. They can't see the results of their "work". Now I have to get a new one. Right now I am using my netbook.  The netbook is great when I am out and about or at the chapter meetings but for every day use not that great.  So this will be a little short. 
My main character wants to be younger. Who am I to argue. I will rewrite. I have about 10K so its not bad.
I am going to try and remember what it felt to be 18 without all the angst. LOL

The Holidays are upon us. Our tree is up, the town is up. Bought two new pieces for it.  I will do pictures and try to get them on the blog.  Mr. and Mrs. Claus are on the front porch, with three trees with lights. So cute. To bad we are on a dead end.  But hey we like it.

OK on to the new laptop. I really don't like HP. I had so many problems with the last one I owned that I never want another one. I told Santa (husband) that I wanted a fast one. An i7 at least. I don't know if they go higher. I want a 17.3 in size  6-8 gigs of memory and of course a large hard drive. Best Buy has a Toshiba  and an HP  pretty much the same though the Toshiba seems to bee better on paper. Does anyone have an opinon? It would really help me. Thanks
I think this is it for the night. Husband is making dessert. I love peaches, little cakes and lots of whop cream.
Night all

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