Friday, December 23, 2011

Finished Shopping, I think. Merry Christmas all

Happy Holiday and all that good stuff. I hope u all enjoy and get whatever you asked for, dreamed about and in case of kids, begged.

The good news is my hand is much better. Reddness is gone and there is  no pain.  Taking my meds like I am supposed to.

Finished up my shopping for Christmas. Just have to wrap what I bought and put it under the tree. Then have to buy some wine. One for my cousins husband and one to bring to dinner.

The under the tree looks kind of bear compared to last year. We were very good to each other. This year we kept it small. I mean really I can't think of a thing that we need so we bought each other stuff we think the other wants.
I got my new computer so I am happy. Ray gets a new Nook tablet and I inherit his nook. No complaints from me about that. I think we did movies books and stuff like that.  Its going to great.

Haven't done any writing so far. But come Monday I have to hit the pc and get to work.

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