Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First off the holidays were very nice. Quiet but nice. New Years, DH had to work so I brought the New Year in on my own. He was home about 12:30 AM so not too bad. 

I am sitting in my office at home, finally.  I've had the office for a few weeks but now I can actually walk into it. All the Xmas stuff is put away.

I'm making this big to make sure you read it.
Now my tale of woe. I wrote that I got hit with the Win7 Internet Security Virus. I took my laptop into Best Buy and they told me that they could clean up the virus and save my documents.  Me, "Yippee"  a little to fast. I picked up the laptop after Christmas. There were two disk's of  what I thought was my documents. But no...
Same information on each disk. The information on the disks was stuff I didn't need. So all the workshops are gone from that laptop. I did save a couple on a memory stick. I was going to put them on my netbook. Which I will still do. There are some workshops from '08 and '09 that are on my 15 inch laptop. Which are now on a memory stick. 

I very nicely handed (shoved) the two disks to the Geek Guy  and told the Geek Guy that they were useless to me and I wanted my money back for making the disks. It was an extra $85.00 dollars for that. They very nicely gave me my money back. Now, I will tell you a couple of tears did escape my eyes when the Guy told me that what they saved was it.   So no workshops on Police, paranormal writing, There were a couple on writing the paranormal that are now gone.  I do sometimes print the lessons out but there was one that was 90 pages and I thought to myself I can read that on the laptop. LOL 

The memory stick that had my WIP, was connected to the laptop when I got hit with the virus. Everyone told me not to use it. But I thought to myself, I will take the stuff off the 15 inch that I need and then plug the memory stick into it. It worked.  I printed out my WIP,  and some other stuff. No signs of infection. 

I am really bad though, I now own a netbook, a 15" laptop and two 17" laptops. It seems that I get a new one every two years. Now the new one was a gift to me from me for Xmas though the DH will tell you that he bought it. I bought it because I really didn't think Best Buy could fix it. I could not download anything and there are files on the net that I could have used to get rid of the virus myself.  Couldn't download anything.

What did I learn from this; I learned that you must back up your work. Any files that you deem important, pictures, and things of that nature need to be saved somewhere.  I use dropbox for my pictures so they were fine. Put your work on a memory stick, email it to yourself or print out what you need to keep.
I have learned my lesson. I hope you can learn from me.

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