Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My Twitter account was suspended the other day. I don't know why, but I did write three times to the Twitter people to find out why. I am not a big twitterer so couldn't understand why they suspended me.
I did write and say that if  I was hacked then its their problem. Their security is lax.  I guess I must have been right because I had 14 requests to follow me this morning and I was able to accept all of them. 
I also mentioned to Twitter that there are requests from porn sites and that I was tired of getting them. Can't they do something about them?
I really need to learn how to use the hash marks or whatever they are called and how to follow the people I want to follow.  I think I need to sit down and learn what Twitter is all about.

Today I am going to work on an article about saving your documents/WIP and whatever else is important.  I am still so bummed that I lost so many workshops. Was I in any of the workshops that with anyone reading this that wants to share their lessons with me?  That would be so great.

Finishing up my coffee, then some housework and on to writing.

Have a great day all

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