Friday, January 20, 2012


I have my twitter account back. Still don't know why it was suspended but at this point I don't care. 

Working on my article today, at least I hope I will.  

You know, three cats and one big dog really doesn't do a house much good and I really hate cleaning. Here's a laugh, I was a partner in a cleaning service until I got sick and ended up in hospital.  Before I got married I had someone come in and do the heavy cleaning for me. Bad back and Fibro make cleaning a little tense for me. I have a great husband who works, cooks and helps. I am one lucky girl.
Husband wants me to get lottery tickets today. He says we need to win and since I am so lucky (ha ha) I should buy them.

Cutting this short, but before I do that.

  Ankle hurts, why, I don't know.  I banged it a couple of weeks ago and it hurt but went away then a few days later it started to hurt when I moved it. Dr. tested me for gout. Gout! I laughed. I told him that I don't eat shellfish that often and I hardly drink. LOL  
I know I have a bone chip floating around in there, maybe it moved to a bad spot. Ah well, something else to live with. I love being me.
Have a fab day!!!

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