Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Night

Here I sit, hoping someone would join my blog. Its not all that bad. Joining it I mean. Where are my facebook buddies? Hopefully someone will check it out.

I did very badly on my novel for nano. 9k is all I got done. My worst year yet.  I have my story line though and I know where I am going with the book so at least that is something. Hey I still have until Wednesday maybe I could write 41K by then. If the mood  hits me. I mean who needs sleep. I think it will be a good story. I need to get a couple readers. I have one already and then I need someone to tell me what is wrong with it. I mean no one writes anything perfect the first time, do they?

I've had this dream for so long now. I think I am afraid that if I finish one and its horrible I will be so sad, crushed won't know what to do with myself.  Nah, I will just write another one.  I do great with the story lines and first chapters are easy. Get me beyond that and I kind of fall apart. I'm at the third chapter now and I am at a stand still.
I'm smoking again and I don't know why. They taste horrible.  The smell is bad and well at least they are not 10 bucks like in NY. Here cigs are less than $4.00 But enough of that.

I need readers  I think it would be good if I write a little something about my book or maybe another short.

I will do more reviews. I am starting to feel more comfortable with them. So that is something I am going to be doing.

Thanksgiving was very quiet with just Ray and I. Of course the animals did get a taste of turkey.  The bird came out good and thank good I bought gravy because like the first time I made it there was a hole in the pain.  Boy that first year was something else. Mom and Dad, Ray's Mom and Brother Matt, Patrick and  us, we, I don't know which to use. Anyway Mom saved the gravy, Mary made the best mashed potatoes, I couldn't find a lump anywhere. It was a really nice Thanksgiving. I miss all of them. Matt is married now with 3 kids Patrick is in NY and Mom, Dad and Mom in law are all gone.
I do get a little down on the holidays, My family are all gone. Ray still has all six brothers but no one is close. We all live such different lives and none of us live near each other so it makes it hard. But enough about that,

So I will do some more writing and who knows I may still make it.

Oh right now I am reading The Secret Life of Bees. Its good.  It was recommended by the librarian at my library. Its really a nice library. We were talking about The Help which was so good. Movie and book.  Anyway I am also watching netflix which is pretty cool. I'm finding some of the English mysteries that I really like.
So enough for tonight.
Get yourself a good book or watch a Christmas movie on Hallmark or another channel and just have a nice evening. I am going too. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Review of Revenge is Sweet

Kali Sweet is a vengeance demon who works for the World Justice Department. She saves humans from other supernaturals. Kali is wanted by the Prince of Vampires, to be queen of Chicago. a surfer dude vamp who wants her dead, by Lilith the Mother of all demons, and an old lover, who left her at the church centuries ago who's now blood bonded to her along with a shape shifter and the witch who raised Lilith from hell.
I loved this book and can't wait for the next one. The writing is crisp, the characters are great and the story is smooth.

I'm going to go and read her witch series now.  Can't wait.

Friday, November 11, 2011

More NaNo & other things

This is the 11th day and I am so far behind but I will catch up. I am determined to finish this year. I also want more followers. I am going to do a review of a new book. Will put here and at good reads.
So my book is about a witch who gets a concussion and becomes psychic. She has these two guides who are driving her crazy. Murder and mayhem abounds.  At least this year I have an idea of what I am writing. Usually I just wing it.
Enough for tonight. Hand is getting better. Still have pain but hopefully it will go away.
Good night

Thursday, November 3, 2011

There it is my NaNo badge.  Going to spend the rest of the evening writing and yelling at the dogs. My cats are so good compared to them.
Everybody Write@!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I didn't win any of the contests bummer!

As usual I am not a winner. Well I am, just not in any of the contest I put my name into. But hey I was able to get Ashlyn Chases book for $.99. So that was cool.
Its cold this morning got the fire going. I like my freestanding fireplace. Its runs on gas not logs and that is alright.
Second day of NaNo, I have more research to do. I also have to do a reading for one of my characters. That should be fun.
As usual I've changed the story. forget I started an outline of what I wanted in the book. Its all brand new.
So  housework first, and have to do wash. Have two Dr.s appointments today. I had one yesterday but  he was going to be late so reschedule it.
What kind of crimes would a demon do and for what reason? Thats my big question of the day. Would a demon want money? Why would  he want money? Is  it hungry and has come in to my world to eat? How would a demon kill someone? What kind of clues would it leave? I am thinking of ways of killing off this world or at least partly and doing my own world which is pretty much devastated. The way we live has taken its toll on the world and now we have to live with the knowledge that we could have and should have changed the way we lived. Too late now. No more cars, ran out of gas. No more flying, too dangerous and again no gas. Manhattan is under water, its gone Statan Island,  Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island are just little islands. The east and west coast have sustained so much damage. California of course is gone. Electricity; some have and some don't.  Not that many people left who know how to do things and to fix things. But this story is not going to be about the states, its going to be about one state, New York. Supernaturals, demons, and humans are what is left in this world of my imagination. 
So I have more research to do like I said and I better get with it.