Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I didn't win any of the contests bummer!

As usual I am not a winner. Well I am, just not in any of the contest I put my name into. But hey I was able to get Ashlyn Chases book for $.99. So that was cool.
Its cold this morning got the fire going. I like my freestanding fireplace. Its runs on gas not logs and that is alright.
Second day of NaNo, I have more research to do. I also have to do a reading for one of my characters. That should be fun.
As usual I've changed the story. forget I started an outline of what I wanted in the book. Its all brand new.
So  housework first, and have to do wash. Have two Dr.s appointments today. I had one yesterday but  he was going to be late so reschedule it.
What kind of crimes would a demon do and for what reason? Thats my big question of the day. Would a demon want money? Why would  he want money? Is  it hungry and has come in to my world to eat? How would a demon kill someone? What kind of clues would it leave? I am thinking of ways of killing off this world or at least partly and doing my own world which is pretty much devastated. The way we live has taken its toll on the world and now we have to live with the knowledge that we could have and should have changed the way we lived. Too late now. No more cars, ran out of gas. No more flying, too dangerous and again no gas. Manhattan is under water, its gone Statan Island,  Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island are just little islands. The east and west coast have sustained so much damage. California of course is gone. Electricity; some have and some don't.  Not that many people left who know how to do things and to fix things. But this story is not going to be about the states, its going to be about one state, New York. Supernaturals, demons, and humans are what is left in this world of my imagination. 
So I have more research to do like I said and I better get with it.

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