Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Friday and no writing. I am so bad. I did just finish taking a workshop with Deborah Blake which was great. 
Tomorrow I will sit and write. Housework all done so the weekend is free to create.  My biggest problem is headaches. I've been waking up with headaches this past week. Not sleeping good either. Fibro is not fun. Different parts of my body hurt.  Forget about my lower back. I could barely get out of the  chair and it took me a while to straighten up my body. I look so cute when I can't stand straight. Enough complaining.  
Looking forward to Feb. chapter meeting.  Have to finish my article. 
I guess that is about it for now.

Friday, January 20, 2012


I have my twitter account back. Still don't know why it was suspended but at this point I don't care. 

Working on my article today, at least I hope I will.  

You know, three cats and one big dog really doesn't do a house much good and I really hate cleaning. Here's a laugh, I was a partner in a cleaning service until I got sick and ended up in hospital.  Before I got married I had someone come in and do the heavy cleaning for me. Bad back and Fibro make cleaning a little tense for me. I have a great husband who works, cooks and helps. I am one lucky girl.
Husband wants me to get lottery tickets today. He says we need to win and since I am so lucky (ha ha) I should buy them.

Cutting this short, but before I do that.

  Ankle hurts, why, I don't know.  I banged it a couple of weeks ago and it hurt but went away then a few days later it started to hurt when I moved it. Dr. tested me for gout. Gout! I laughed. I told him that I don't eat shellfish that often and I hardly drink. LOL  
I know I have a bone chip floating around in there, maybe it moved to a bad spot. Ah well, something else to live with. I love being me.
Have a fab day!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My Twitter account was suspended the other day. I don't know why, but I did write three times to the Twitter people to find out why. I am not a big twitterer so couldn't understand why they suspended me.
I did write and say that if  I was hacked then its their problem. Their security is lax.  I guess I must have been right because I had 14 requests to follow me this morning and I was able to accept all of them. 
I also mentioned to Twitter that there are requests from porn sites and that I was tired of getting them. Can't they do something about them?
I really need to learn how to use the hash marks or whatever they are called and how to follow the people I want to follow.  I think I need to sit down and learn what Twitter is all about.

Today I am going to work on an article about saving your documents/WIP and whatever else is important.  I am still so bummed that I lost so many workshops. Was I in any of the workshops that with anyone reading this that wants to share their lessons with me?  That would be so great.

Finishing up my coffee, then some housework and on to writing.

Have a great day all

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First off the holidays were very nice. Quiet but nice. New Years, DH had to work so I brought the New Year in on my own. He was home about 12:30 AM so not too bad. 

I am sitting in my office at home, finally.  I've had the office for a few weeks but now I can actually walk into it. All the Xmas stuff is put away.

I'm making this big to make sure you read it.
Now my tale of woe. I wrote that I got hit with the Win7 Internet Security Virus. I took my laptop into Best Buy and they told me that they could clean up the virus and save my documents.  Me, "Yippee"  a little to fast. I picked up the laptop after Christmas. There were two disk's of  what I thought was my documents. But no...
Same information on each disk. The information on the disks was stuff I didn't need. So all the workshops are gone from that laptop. I did save a couple on a memory stick. I was going to put them on my netbook. Which I will still do. There are some workshops from '08 and '09 that are on my 15 inch laptop. Which are now on a memory stick. 

I very nicely handed (shoved) the two disks to the Geek Guy  and told the Geek Guy that they were useless to me and I wanted my money back for making the disks. It was an extra $85.00 dollars for that. They very nicely gave me my money back. Now, I will tell you a couple of tears did escape my eyes when the Guy told me that what they saved was it.   So no workshops on Police, paranormal writing, There were a couple on writing the paranormal that are now gone.  I do sometimes print the lessons out but there was one that was 90 pages and I thought to myself I can read that on the laptop. LOL 

The memory stick that had my WIP, was connected to the laptop when I got hit with the virus. Everyone told me not to use it. But I thought to myself, I will take the stuff off the 15 inch that I need and then plug the memory stick into it. It worked.  I printed out my WIP,  and some other stuff. No signs of infection. 

I am really bad though, I now own a netbook, a 15" laptop and two 17" laptops. It seems that I get a new one every two years. Now the new one was a gift to me from me for Xmas though the DH will tell you that he bought it. I bought it because I really didn't think Best Buy could fix it. I could not download anything and there are files on the net that I could have used to get rid of the virus myself.  Couldn't download anything.

What did I learn from this; I learned that you must back up your work. Any files that you deem important, pictures, and things of that nature need to be saved somewhere.  I use dropbox for my pictures so they were fine. Put your work on a memory stick, email it to yourself or print out what you need to keep.
I have learned my lesson. I hope you can learn from me.