Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What the Doctor told me.

Went to the Doctor and he was not pleased with me. I should have come in yesterday. So I got a shot in the left hip and a tetanus shot in my left arm. I am not happy, forget the Dr. I have to take antibiotics for 14 days.  He says that he is trying to keep me out of the hospital which is a very good thing to me. Been there and done that. Big scar left forearm. Two scars as a matter of fact. My hand is really infected and if it gets worse to the ER I must go.  The good thing is that it is not hurting like it was yesterday. So far no pain med which is just as well. I itch with codeine and if on an empty stomache I toss my cookies. So I am happy that I don't need them.

Have to clean the house and stuff so hoepfully I will be able to use my hand tomorrow.  George. my doctor, says the swelling should go down hopefully tomorrow. I hope it does.

Our other three cats are very quiet tonight. They really did not interact that much unless they were all eating at the same time. So I don't know if the realize Meowie is gone. We are going to miss her.

Time for x-factor so I shall say good night.

 For tomorrow cleaning, wash and finish up the 20K words I said I would write by Jan. 7th. 10K more to go. Actually more because my Protag Brenna demanded to be younger.
Good Night All

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