Monday, December 5, 2011

Good Times, Bad Times

Saturday was the chapter Xmas party. I had fun. It was my first Xmas with the chapter. I didn't make last years, either the weather was bad, I got lost or my back was bad or maybe it was all three. LOL
So that is my good news. Now for the bad; my laptop got infected with a worm. I am so not happy. The bad thing I was on AOL and up pops this Win 7 Internett Security thingy. Virus' all over the place.  win 7 wants money to use their antivirus. Its bad. I looked them up and people fwho bought the service had nothing but complaints. Pay some amount of money and it will take care of everything. Meanwhile I ran McAfee and McAfee says everything is fine. So I called AOL; they can fix it or t least give me the means to do so. Bad thing I had already signed out of AOL and it wouldn't let me go back on. So then AOL person tells me that she will me to a specialist who will be able to remotely fix my laptop For $130.00.  I said no thank you. I am getting a new laptop for Xmas. I will save my money for ink.
I am going to have to print out a lot of stuff. I am afraid to do any transfers and infect my netbook. Which is what I am using right now.  A friend sent me smething to get rid of the worm or at least the first step. I have to get the rest from someone else. What a bother.
I dragged out my old 15 inch to use, that was pretty horrible. It was so slow and it was freezing every two seconds. I went back to my netbook.  My tale of woe.
I told my husband that my next laptop should have the speed of i7.  I think its the fastest but you know that as soon as he buys it for me something faster will come out.
Its after midnight so I am going to bed. Try to get some room between the husband and two of the cats. No wonder I don't sleep well. LOL
Good Night Dear Reader.

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