Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well I didn't blog everyday for shame

We've been so busy still unpacking stuff. I really hate moving and I swear I will not buy another teapot or figural cat again. Unless of course I get rid of one or two. Or its something I just can't live without.

While unpacking I found some of the stories I did for my writing class back in '96. When I was at Hudson Valley CC. What joy! What fun! My Prof actually liked a couple a lot. He told me that I should do more. I forgot all of that. Not the stories I wrote, one short story, first part of chapter one, an article, and that is all I found but I thought it was all gone. So I am happy. I might just work-up the story I had in mind when I started chapter one. Its a ghost story. Hey and what class am I taking this month, learning about ghosts from one of the RWA chapters. LRWA gives great classes. I wish I could be more involved with the classes but something always comes up and I end up just downloading the lectures. I'm going to Fl. on the 12th and will be gone for two weeks. But I am taking my lap top and I should be able to con't with this study. It will be really great.

No writing today. I have to start back on book #1 I am going to save #2 for November.  I am also going to try and rewrite the short story I wrote back in '96. Its a murder mystery and it was a lot of fun writing it. I know I lost my voice by doing so many rewrites but I think I can get it back to where it should be. Its funny I had this typewriter that took a disk for the ink. It was a Brother and I really liked it but they stopped making the ink. Anyway I was typing up my story and ran out of ink. Its like 2 in the morning and there is no where, no store I can go to buy more. I had to hand this in the next day. The Prof. had told a story of the same thing happening to him and how his Prof took it. I felt really silly about this and I hoped that he didn't think that I was making this up. Part of it was typed and part handwritten. The really bad part is that a lot of people complained about my handwriting. I don't know why, I thought it was pretty good. I write back hand even though I am a righty, anyway I guess he got though it OK I think I got an A. Yeah I did. The other nurses that I worked with told me that my writing was getting as bad as the Dr's and to stop it. LOL I still get complaints at times. I wrote my Dad a letter one time and my Mom had to read it to him because he couldn't, he complained about my handwriting too. Oh well I type now so I don't worry about it.
I have to stop buying books for my Sony. I need to read some of them before I buy again. But its so easy to just click buy. Of course when I go to Barnes and Noble or A Million Books, I think its something like that, I buy more. I need to get rid of a lot of books that DH and I have. There is no room and I can't be reading them all over again, I don't have time to read all the knew ones I have. My TBR list is so bad that there are books that I bought over a year ago that I haven't gotten to yet. I must be good, no more buying for a while or at least until my favorite authors write more.
Well dear blog I will say good night and hopefully will be back a lot sooner to write more.

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