Tuesday, September 27, 2011

After surgery

Well went to the Doctors today and had the stitches out. Not to bad. My wrist hurts but it will heal I am sure.  I asked the doctor about my left hand, showed him where it hurt and lucky me got a shot at the base of my left thumb. It was the one place I never had shots in.

I have an injury dating back to October 1983. I cut my hand at work. Now I saw the cut once. I did not see blood pumping out as a co-worker told me and I did not see bone, then again I  only looked once and that was enough for me.  I was working at Albany Medical Center at the time. So down to the ER I go and everyone had to come in to see what Jo Anne did to herself.

I told them to just stitch me up and I would head home.  Silly me, the resident asked me to move my thumb, I couldn’t.

So to surgery I went.  The plastic surgeon got there around 7:00 pm. The anesthesiology wanted to put me to sleep. Now I am bad, I knew him. I said, hell no, you’re not going to kill me. I have a lot of faith in my doctors. Can you tell.

So I got a regional, needles in the underarm. I should have let him put me to sleep.  Anyway on the way to the OR I had to void. Stick an IV in me and I void, a lot. Not happy with me but oh well, I had to go.

OK I am in and they start the surgery. A resident was present and I think he did some of the work. I hear the Doctor say that I had the tendons of a five year old. I said, I have small hands.  He said that it didn’t matter. A little while later I hear him tell the resident “Look she has an extra Tendon.” I said “That’s because they are so small.”  Doctor just looked at me and went back to work.

After surgery they were wheeling me into recovery doctor asked if he could call someone. Now its midnight so I say” no” and he says “Isn’t there anyone I can call?” Well, you could call my mother. That made him happy. I started thinking of what I already told my Mom. First phone; Mom I cut myself and I am going to get some stitches and then I will be home. Second phone call; Hey Mom I did a little more damage than I thought but I will be home tonight. Third phone call;  Mom listen they have to operate and I have to stay over so I will be home tomorrow. Now Mom kept asking me if I wanted them to come to the hospital, I kept saying “No, I’m fine. Everything is fine.”

Get up to my room and some of my friends are there waiting for me. Make sure I was all right.  They let me get settled while they went to get me something to eat. They hung my arm up but it wasn’t to stable. As I tried to make myself more comfortable my arm swung around and hit me in the chin. I almost knocked myself . I had to laugh.

He did a wonderful job.  

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