Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Almost to Nov. & you know what that means

I'm getting ready for nano. This year I am going to do it. I'm not going away, staying home and writing. Which is a little different for me. I usually go and see the mouse in Orlando with my cousin T. I always meant to write when I'm in fl. but I never do enough. So this year I have to.
Lets see hand still hurts. But I don't think there is anything I can do, just has to heal.
Its raining and all the dogs and cats are in. We are fostering two puppies. They are so cute but so bold. I'm hoping they find their forever home very soon. Between the cats and our dog, well enough is enough, though we are glad to help and it gives our dog someone to play with. Its all good.
Not much else to tell you. I am doing a class with Deb Blake, she is great. Beyond Fangs its called. I am not a big vampire reader. All I can think to myself is that they are cold and hard and not just hard in the right places and if they are hungry, look out. They are not romantic  to me. But, again, I've read some that were very good. But I will stick to Humans, shapeshifters and demons.  Vampire, demon not much of a difference, they will both eat you.

On to my homework. Hopefully I will write again soon. I really need to get people here but don't know how to do it. Ah well I will learn.

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