Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hello and Welcome New Readers

Thanks for stopping by and being interested in what is going on in my blog. I promise to write more interesting stuff. At least I will try too.
The house is a bit of a mess because  we converted one of the bedrooms to my office and about time too.  We really didn't need two guest rooms.  The "Guy" is coming to looking at our free standing fireplace in the living room and there is a little one in the bedroom. so have to make neat.
Just a thought we have to lab mix puppies, about 14 weeks old a boy and a girl siblings we are fostering them for the local shelter. Anyone want a dog?

I haven't done my outline yet and I have to do. I am afraid I'm going to get lost and not finish if I don't. Problem is I usually don't do outlines. First time for everything I guess. Short stories are so much easier. But I want to write full length novels. Fun novels, paranormal mystery romance novels.
I just finished a workshop with Deborah Blake, Beyond Fangs and last year I took her workshop on witches in books. Much fun was had. I don't think I contributed anything to the witch class but I did work and do my homework with Beyond fangs. I am not that big into Vampires, don't get me wrong there are some that I would love to meet. Angel, maybe Spike, if no biting, the Dracula who was in an episode of Buffy and I can't think of anyone else. I look at the vampires in love stories and if you want this love to go on then he or she has  to turn you or what good is it. You die and they have a broken heart. Not really fair to my thinking. I know many people love the vampires stories. I usually say that they are cold, hard, and dead.  In most books they can't go into the sunlight. Oh, wait, I almost forgot True Blood. How good I do that. the books are fun but I really like the series on HBO more. A lot of eye candy, which is always nice.  the Swede is one nice looking guy. Hmmm my great grandparents were from Sweden. I wonder, no I doubt we are related. though my great grandfather Thor, that was his name, really, was the only one to come to America, the rest of his siblings and family stayed in Sweden. I know I have cousins. I've never met them. My Swedish American cousins have. They've been to Sweden and saw Per, one of the cousins,  here in the States when he flew in for business.  But I digress.

So my protagonist is a witch, hereditary she has a car accident and gets a concussion which brings out her dormant psychic abilities. What fun. Her guides have a lot of fun with her. Her best friend is a little bit of a flake and the hero, I haven't decided what he is yet. A cop, the falsely accused murderer, another best friend that she never thought of like that. I don't know.
It will come to me. I am going to work on it today. Housework is done. Yea me! Just have to do some wash. pooh.
Catch you all later.

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