Sunday, July 31, 2011

And again I haven't been blogging and I should.

Christine that is a great idea for a story. I know I would read it. so go for it. 

I wish that I knew more about getting my blog out there. I'm not even sure what the address for this is and that is what I think I need. That's why I don't blog like I think I should. I need to investigate the hows of getting my blog out.

My writing has been sporadic for the most part. I keep changing the story. I think I have decided what I want to  
write. Started my bible because I would like to make this a series. We shall see how that goes.

Its been very warm in my part of NC and I am sure its been that way all over. Thank God we have a pool. Not that I go in that much but it does help.

The husband is going for surgery tomorrow for a hernia. He had to lift our dog into the truck. Kirby the dog is a mastif mix. I say pit ball husband says no, Kirby's face is to long. Kirby is afraid of things. He was found in a drain staving, Husband showed me his picture on the website and I said nice looking but no dog yet. We have four cats.  Husband calls about a week later, he was out doing whatever and told me that he was bringing  "Drano" home. the poor puppy was afraid of me. I think he was abused by a female.  He changed his name to Froddo which I didn't like at all. I thought he looked more like a Max to me. We finally settled on Kirby. Kirby was afraid to get in the truck because the last time he was in the truck he went to the vet for a little cutting.  I think its because he hasn't been out riding with us or the husband. Kirby is a real sweetie though. He keeps giving me his paw when I don't ask for it because he wants his "cookie". He's a real sweetie. the cats aren't to thrilled. they don't want to play and oh don't give something to a cat because Kirby is right there saying "no, all mine".  One of these days Kirby is going to have a scar across his nose.

I've taken a few course on line, paranormal policing, witches and what not and  world building to name a few. For me, right now, is where does the story take place. In the US, did some catastrophic whatever happen that rendered technology obsolete and brought the magics back into the world.  Also as if starting over. Say generators work, having lights, clean drinking water. If you have a car or truck be happy because it will be years before they start making them again. Plus there is only so much gas that is usable. We go back to horse and carriage and walking. No flying in airplanes. Ships are OK.  this is the way its starts.

What I like to read is about supernaturals skinwalkers, werepeople. i love Patrica Briggs and Nalini Singh and Wilks WOW. I like fantasy/urban/paranormal. I love mysteries. I was hooked with the first Bobbsy Twins book that my Mom bought for me. I've been a reader ever since.
You know what is really nice is that my husband and stepson love to read too and there are some books that all three of us will read. Jim Butcher for one, Terry Brooks and Stephen King. I feel lucky to be married to Ray. He never complains about the number of books I buy or questions how much I spend. I do the same for him. We both have readers. He has the nook and I have a sony. There are just to many books in the house. I am going to have to sell or donate some of them. We downsized when we moved to NC to 800sq. ft. less space. There is more footage but we don't use the family room upstairs, its very warm up there and we need to have new stairs made. There is the sun room but its all screened in and the rain gets in there so not a good place to put books.  But I will think of something. We have a one room cabin on the property and that is loaded with books too. But enough of that.
I think I will introduce my protagonist, Lucy. Lucy is a psychic who teaches others how to open up their third eye. To be psychics themselves and that is it for now. She is going to be magical.
I will really try to do better with my blogging. I need to remember to write something if not everyday at least once or twice a week.

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