Thursday, August 21, 2008

What fun

I've had a bit of fun doing up my page. So many fun things to add. As I was doing this Mulder has been laying on my lap. Ray, my husband, is at his computer with his head phones on to block out the TV. He hates it that it is on and I am not really watching it. I told him many times that it is just background noise. Its from living alone and I did that for a long time.
I hope that now I have this up and running and I actually remember doing this in April I will be on it more.
Writers need to write every day. If you are not working on your book than blogging is good. Write every day. Make the time to do it. Its a job like any other, so if you want to go to your home office at 9am and leave it 5pm than that is the way to go. You could change your hours to whatever you want. Its cool to go to work in your PJ's. I don't, at least I haven't done that yet but hey why not?
How Clean Is Your House is on the tube right now. Its a show on the BBC. Man, the English are pigs. Wait, they came to US and I've seen a couple of the American shows. Man, Americans are pigs. doesn't matter where you live there are people who do't clean. I can not get over how some of these houses, homes are left. One girl in Cal. let her cat throw up all over and didn't clean it up! Plus the cat pooped in her bed and Kim and Aggie found that. I love those two. They are just to much. But they know what they are talking about when it comes to cleaning. I think for a lot of the people that have such dirty houses are helped a great deal by these two ladies. You feel a hell of a lot different when you have a clean house. Everything is put away, your furniture is clean and you can find it. You can now invite your friends and family to visit. You feel a lot better about yourself. You have to. Better spirits, happy even. I think its a great service. I just wonder how badly these people feel at first knowing that they are on TV and everyone will know there dirty little secret. Sham on me. I made a pun.
I started packing up for my trip to FL. First stop NC then onward. I need day clothes and nighttime clothes, a few pairs of shoes, and all the other stuff I can't live without for 21 days.
Thank goodness I bought my ticket a while ago and should not have to pay for my suitcases. If I do, then the big bag will be paid for and I will take the smaller one on the plane with me. I've gotten used to not having to carry anything when I am waiting for my connecting flight. But, oh well, what can you do.
OK I think I've done enough today on writing. I know I've done enough work around the house. My back is hurting. I can't be carry the clothes baskets up and down the stairs. My pain is like a knife going through me sometimes. I will see my bone manipilater and Wilmot tomorrow. Hopefully I will feel better after that. I am getting my hair cut too. So much to do. I dyed my hair today and its a nice brown but its not the color I thought I was getting. will have to find a lighter color and do it again before I leave.
And so on to the night time things to do. Like dinner and all that stuff.

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