Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Networking with other writers, agents and editors is a fab thing to do. That is if you can. PR people can be a great help too. 

So a little about my WIP; Brenna Sloan is a 30 something business woman, psychic and just to make things different a witch. She has actual powers and can call up, use up or give up but never lose them. 
She would never give up her powers of course and only use them when she had to. But with her being psychic and having the two wildest spirit guides well, lets just say her life is never boring, or lonely.  

She's  leaving New York City and going home to the town that she was born in to be near family and old friends. A survivor  of a nasty divorce but in the money. Her ex-husband is in jail. Fraud, he told people that he was psychic and started advising people and taking their money.  Mean while like many psychics Brenna offered her services to the police and helped them many a time. She just couldn't see what was going on in her own life.

OK, just a snippet for now. More later. 

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